Monday, February 21, 2011

Zip lines, bugging out and meetings at the altar: love, Costa Rican style!!

Hello everyone!  Wow, I don't know about you, but I wanted to strap Michelle onto that zip line cable and whip her back to the USA!  What a head case she is!  I hope Brad is watching these episodes and wondering why the meds didn't wear off sooner, so that the tribe could have spoken sooner to vote Michelle into crazyville!  LOL.  Hope you all enjoyed this episode of The Bachelor.  It had everything that your typical reality show should posess...the token rain scene on the date, the girl looking hot in the white men's shirt, Risky Business style, the girl deathly afraid of bugs, and the token babes in bikinis!  All that's missing is your drink.  What are you waiting for!? Go get it and let the dissing and hissing begin!!  ;)

The next chapter of Brad's journey for love takes him and the ladies to Costa Rica.  After the girls settled into a pimped out suite, they find out that the first 1-1 date is with Chantal.  Naturally, our resident bachelorettezilla, Michelle, loses it again and shows her true colours by saying "I hope Chantal gets attacked by monkeys or apes."  Hmm...and you're someone's mother!?  The woman needs a dose of reality...or Prozac....and a good therapist.  I feel sorry for her daughter. 

Brad and Chantel go ziplining on their 1-1 date, and it starts pouring rain while they are outside.  Why is it that every time these two have a date, it's monsoon season!?  LOL.  I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...and a little rain never hurt anyone.  The two of them enjoy a romantic picnic in the evening, and Brad gives Chantel one of his white shirts to wear.  I'm sure Brad would have loved to watched Chantel in her wet clothes instead, but then she would have ended up in an emergency room with some crazy illness from beong wet and cold.  Chantel works the shirt and nothing else to her advantage, and Brad ends up giving her a rose and sharing what he calls the perfect evening with her.  Chantel says this is the night she fell in love with Brad. 

I like Chantel, but the constant whining and crying is starting to get to me.  She's independent, feisty, and keeps Brad on his toes, which are all great things.  What gets to me is that she constantly challenges him to send her home if he thinks he doesn't see her at the end of the journey.  Sweetheart...last time I checked, this was a show where 30 women compete for the affection and love of ONE man.  He obviously can't tell you that he loves you and send the others home early!  I'm getting tired of the crying scenes every week.  Hopefully, she'll throw out the kleenex soon and be confident in the fact that she's still there because he likes her and wants to get to know her better.

The second date of the week is a group date, and naturally, Michelle is stuck on it and complains about how much she hates the group dates.  She also wonders a) why Chantel came home in Brad's shirt! , and b) why Chantel is still there, since Brad is her man.  Ummm..did I miss the memo on this?  Did something happen while I away from the TV, and Brad decided to save himself for only Michelle?  This girl needs to buy a clue, or get voted off the island...pronto!  :(

For the group date, Brad decides to have a day where it's all about adventure and facing fears.  What better way to do this than by rapelling down a waterfall?  All the cool kids are doing it!!  Unfortunately, Jackie is deathly afraid of heights, and has trouble with getting excited about the challenge of rapelling.  Michelle, on the other hand, doesn't want to do it, as she made a pact with Brad on their 1-1 date that they wouldn't do this with anyone else, so she gets whiny for the millionth time. 

Shawntel volunteers to go first, which earns bonus points with Brad.  He's an adventurous person, and wants to see who in the group would be compatible with him in this area.  Jackie, however, is another story.  The girl is completely freaked out about rapelling down the waterfall, but finally does it with some encouragement from Brad.  This puts Michelle over the edge, as she thinks Jackie is a drama queen.  umm...hello extra large pot calling the kettle black!!!  This girl is more drama than every soap opera, telenovela and reality show across the globe!  I need to be sedated to watch all of Michelle's scenes...or at the very least, a healthy top-up of my vino of choice to get through her bitching!  Much to my disgust, Brad rapelled down the waterfall with Michelle, and managed to hurt the rest of the girls' feelings in the process.  Can you see this date going downhill fast?? 

Brad takes the girls to a hot springs area for their evening date, but the mood is spoiled by the rose looming in the distance.  Brad takes Emily away for 1-1 time, and she tells him that she likes him, but it's scary, as she tends to run away from guys she really likes.  Emily, sweetheart, I really like you and I think you're by far the best woman on the show...but never tell a man you are on a show for that you run AWAY from men you like.  That's called a 'no-no'.  Naturally, this worries Brad, and he encourages her by saying he wants her to stay and not sabotaging what's going on with them.  I wondered why he didn't just give her a dozen roses at this point.  He's practically saying 'you're your cards right, and I'll see you at the end!'

I have to mention quickly what happened back at the villa during the group date.  Alli and Chantel were there, and a HUGE beetle ended up inside.  Alli is deathly afraid of bugs, and Chantel decided to have fun with this by taking the beetle and scaring her with it.  It was a little bit funny, but as someone who isn't a fan of creepy little buggers, if I was Alli, I would have found a way for the beetle and Chantel to become bed time buddies...LOL!!

Back at the hot springs, Michelle is still jealous about Chantel wearing Brad's shirt, and called him out on that during her 1-1 time.  Brad, of course, didn't want to talk about Chantel, but Michelle doesn't know how to let go of anything, even a white shirt.  If I was Brad, I woould have sent her home at that point, instead of letting his physical attraction dictate the fact that she stayed...but that's just me.  In the end, Brad was not confident on who should receive a rose, and decided not to hand one out.  This is what happens when you don't play nice as adults, ladies.  Instead of a time out in the naughty corner, you go home roseless!  Lesson learned...hopefully.

The final date of the week is a 1-1 with Alli and Brad.  The date card says 'Meet me at the altar', which freaks everyone out.  Brad and Alli take off on horses, and head to a cave that is over 40 million years old.  Poor Alli is also afraid of what will be inside the cave, which is filled with bugs and bats.  This date isn't getting off to a promising start!  Eventually, they end up at an underground waterfall, with a natural stairway leading them to 'the altar', and a private picnic.  Brad is using this date to find if he can see himself with Alli at the altar at the end of his journey.

Later in the evening, the two enjoy a poolside dinner back at the resort, but it's pretty clear that Brad doesn't feel a romantic connection with Alli.  There is none of the spark he feels with Chantel, the animal magnetism he has with Michelle, or the romantic connection he has with Emily.  Ironically, Alli tells Brad her last relationship ended because she didn't see herself with him on their wedding day.  Here is Brad's chance to back out of the date gracefully!!  Brad tells Alli there is no connection between them, that he likes her as a friend, and sees himself hanging out with her, but that's all.  She cries, but thanks him for his honesty.  (I always hate when the girls cry!!)  She is sent home, and the girls see someone come pick up Alli's luggage, so they know what has happened.

Brad takes off to his room for some downtime after a tough week,  but Michelle sneaks off to join him.  She tells im how much she misses him, how sending Alli home was a good idea, and lists the order that he should send the remaining women home.  I have to say she has balls of steel, but I can't wait for the day she is sent packing, as well!!  :(

At the cocktail party the next night, it's obvious that Brad has had a tough week, and gets called out by the women for not handing out a rose on the group date.  He tells Emily that thinks of her a lot, but is scared of her.  I would be too, if I kept comparing myself to a ghost of a fiance!  I adore Emily, but they have to stop playing up the Ricky card.  The man is gone, he's not coming back, and she needs to move on and be happy again!!  She also apologizes to Brad for what she said about running away from relationships and clears the air with him.

Brad has 1-1 time with Michelle, and tells her that she is scaring him badly.  He feels that they have taken 10 steps back and she freaks out.  No kidding...tone it down, sista!  You're not the only game on the island.  When is the damn tribe going to speak out on her!?

The women call Michelle out for possibly saying something in private to Brad, and find out that she snuck off to his room and addressed the rose issue.  Chantel is disgusted and no longer wants to talk to Michelle.  I personally think this girl is digging her own's just a matter of time!!

Chantel uses her 1-1 time to tell Brad she is in love with him and doesn't expect anything in return...not words or a rose.  She just wants to lay it out for him and say how she feels.  Naturally, he is happy and says she made his night, turning his day around.

Finally, we arrive at the rose ceremony.  The only girl with a rose is Chantel.  The remaining roses go to:

Ashley, Emily, Britt, Shawntel and Michelle.  Jackie is the second woman to be sent home that week.

That's it for this episode.  Hope you tune in for the next installment of the Bachelor blog!  Thanks for the comments and emails...they make me smile so much!  Have a great week!!

Until next time...XO

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