Sunday, January 15, 2012

A boy, his wine and some whiners...let the games begin!!

Hello lovelies! Welcome to a new season of The Bachelor. Sorry for the late start in posting these entries. 2012 has been busy for me, but I'm playing catch up now. I don't know about you, but I am already excited for all of the fireworks that have started between the ladies, and look for much more of the same in the weeks to come! Grab your bevvie of choice, and let's get this party started!

I know there have been mixed reviews on having Ben come back for a second chance at love. Why not choose someone more colorful, like Ryan, or mix it up and have William come on the show to charm the ladies? I think Ben is a safe choice and the most stable of the ones who were up for consideration. He may not be the flashiest person or had the biggest personality, but he won't be dumping the woman he chooses right after the cameras stop rolling, and I really want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Also...the man has his own winery. What's not to love about that!?

I don't want to rehash everything that happened during the premiere...most of you watched and already talked to me about what went down. I have to point out a few of the highlights of what went down when the women came to the mansion. From the minute they stepped out of the limo, the claws came out, the stilettos were sky high and the attitudes were on red alert!! Here are the ones that stood out for me:

Amber Bacon - girlfriend, dissing a guy on the first night is not the way to make a good first impression. I would have thrown you back in the limo and sent you back to BC! On what planet is that acceptable? You just stepped into asshat territory.

Brittney - bringing your grandma out of the limo first to butter up Ben was a stroke of genius! Others may have found it cheesey...I think you hit the nail on the head! Family is really important to Ben, and he totally warmed up to both of you. I'm surprised he didn't give her a rose that first night!! ;)

Monica - if you don't end up in the final four, you will definitely have a future on another reality show! Don't be surprised if the directors ask for tons of girl on girl action. Not sure if she got sucked into flirting with the girl on the couch for ratings, but I wondered how she made it through the screening process. LOL.

Courtney - there's always a model on the show, and this season is no different. Was I the only one who thought she fit the typical shallow, "I'm a model...I work all the time, I'm so busy but I'm here for love" lines? The only lines this girl wants is from a script for a major movie. The girl is there to advance her career.

Jenna - biggest crybaby on the show! I have to admit...if it wasn't for her bathroom breakdown, people would have fallen asleep before the end of the episode. I'm sure Ben will keep her around for a few more episodes...and make sure her room is stocked with tons of Kleenex. Are they a sponsor for the show? They should be!! ;)

Blakeley - this cocktail waitress looks like she's not going to make a lot of friends in the house! She has her eye on the prize and doesn't care who she needs to step over for Ben. I found out that she used to date Wes from Jillian's season of The Bacherlorette. Guess this franchise of shows really doesn't have any degrees of separation! Looking forward to more fireworks from her in the weeks to come!

Lindzi - ah, a girl and her horse! I really like her coming in on the horse! Dare to be definitely worked for her!! I hope she sticks around for a while. So glad she got the first impression rose. :)

Emily - if you get the boot early, you may try a career in the rap industry! Add that to your resume...I bet the other epidemiologists can't rap like you!! That rap she had for Ben was hysterical!! She blew Kasey Kahl out of the water (remember him from Ali's season!?)

In case you don't remember who received roses at the first rose ceremony:

Jamie, Rachel, Blakeley, Emily, Kacie B., Casey S., Brittney, Erika, Shawn, Nicki, Jennifer, Elyse, Samantha, Courtney, Jaclyn, and Monica are all safe. Lindzi received the first impression rose.

I was expecting some drama, fireworks and colourful outfits, and wasn't disappointed! If you want to get the scoop on the outfits the bachelorettes wear on the show, check out Possessionista's blog: . Make sure to follow her on twitter, as well (@possessionista). Her one-liners are hilarious!

That's it for now. Thanks for all of your tweets and comments. Let me know what else you would like to hear about! I'm going to be revamping my site soon, and hope to plan a few fun local events during the season. Hope to see you there!!

Until next time...xoxo

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