Monday, June 17, 2013

Secrets, Lies, and Cowboy Boot Camp, Oh My! Someone's Got Some 'Splainin' To Do...

Hello lovelies! Isn't it sweet how all the bachelors swear they have come on the show to find love, they're here for Des, and ready for a lifetime commitment? Clearly, some people will say anything to get onto a reality show! Saddle up, fill up your watering can with your bevvy of choice, and get your kickers on. This week's episode looks like it's going to be a bumpy ride! ;)

It's week three of The Bachelorette, which is a good time to start bringing out secrets some of the bachelors may be keeping from Des. The one Brian has been hiding is a doozy, but we'll get to that later. First. we have a date card that brings a group of the bachelors into a dodgeball battle against each other! The National Dodgeball League teaches the guys how to play the game, which will help when Des tells them they will battle it out on two teams. The winning team will get private time with her later.

The first major injury of the season takes place when Brooks breaks his finger, and is taken to the hospital to get it realigned. In the end, Des allows both teams to come along to the afterparty, so she can continue getting to know all of the bachelors. Brad privately mentions to Des that he has a three year-old son named Maddox, and his ex pulled him into a domestic violence situation, but the charges were dismissed.

Not to be outdone by the other bachelors, Brooks heads to the party after his trip to the hospital, which makes Des insanely happy and relieved! The rose eventually goes to Chris, who gets private time with Des, as well as a private concert with Kate Earl. I don't recall this guy saying more than three words to Des in the previous episodes, but I'm glad he was able to have some quality time with her.

The next day, Des is getting ready for her one-to-one date with Kasey, when the phone rings, It's Chris Harrison (dun dun dun!!!) calling with news of one of the bachelors having a girlfriend, and she needs to come to the mansion to confront him. Des takes Brian outside to speak with him privately, asking if there is anything he wants to tell her. Brian says nothing, and Chris comes out with Brian's girlfriend Stephanie to have the throwdown of the season.

To spare everyone from reading all the details, they were still together the night before Brian left to film the show, and he told her he needed time apart from her. She had no idea he was going to be on The Bachelorette. To add another layer to this crazy story, Stephanie used to date Craig Robinson from Ali's season of The Bachelorette, and was a Playboy Playmate! Talk about trying to boost ratings!

Needless to say, Des kicked Brian out, and had to get ready for her 1:1 date with Kasey. If this was the real world, there is no way any woman would want to go on a date with anyone after another guy blatantly lied to her about being single, and wanting to be there for her and to potentially fall in love and get engaged. They end up going on the date, which involves dancing on the side of the building. I was as interested in this date as Des was, as it's obvious she's not in the mood to be on a date with anyone at this point. The date was brutal from start to finish, and even though Kasey gets a rose, it's clear they are in the friend zone at this point. I don't see Kasey going too much further after this.

The next day, Des meets with the members of the second group date, which involves 'cowboy boot camp'. Des is dressed in a gorgeous purple gown, and explains that they will be working with the stunt team from the new movie 'The Lone Ranger'. The bachelors will learn how to lasso, draw pistols and fight for justice. The person who does the best job of saddling up to save the lady wins time with Des later.

I have to say that this was hilarious to watch, and a few of the bachelors stood out for me. Dan was a trooper when his pants split while he was competing, but he kept going. He gets props for that! Joan Pablo did everything while speaking Spanish the entire time. What woman doesn't love a sexy accent!? Des obviously did, as she chose him to be her Lone Ranger in the end! The two watched a private advance screening of The Lone Ranger movie and shared some smooch time. One thing is for sure...this little Spaniard is muy caliente! Later in the evening, James gets the rose from the group date.

The next day, Des throws a pool party for the guys, which replaces the cocktail party that was supposed to happen later in the evening. Before Des gets inside the house, Ben steals her away for a private ride in the Bentley, and some extra time with her. The guys see them kissing in the car later, and are jealous of the extra time he keeps getting with Des. To add insult to injury, Ben lies about the private time with Des, and Mikey calls him out on it. He tells Ben that he doesn't trust him.

Brandon spends his time with Des telling her that he doesn't want to see her get hurt, and that he's fallen in love with her already. Ummm...Brandon...didn't you get the memo? You leave this until you make the final three!! This to me is the kiss of death! If this was poker, I would say you never show anyone your cards, and you keep that poker face on as long as you can!

Finally, it's time for the rose ceremony. For those of you keeping score, Chris, Kasey, and James already have roses. The final roses are given to Bryden, Juan Pablo, Zak W., Brooks, Drew, Zach K., Brad, Michael G., Mikey, and Ben. Brandon looks like he's going to be sick, and Des follows him out to tell him privately that there was no chemistry. It was better to send him home now, instead of waiting until later. Dan is also sent home, who thinks Des has been completely duped by Ben.

Well, that episode was filled with secrets, lies and battle lines drawn! I can't wait to see what happens next time. We have seen a lot of roses being handed out it's time to win some of your own! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory ( has kindly offered a prize of long stemmed red chocolate roses to one lucky reader! To win, you need to post a comment at the bottom of this post, telling me the worst experience you ever had on a date! This prize is only for GTA residents, as you need to pick up the prize at the Square One location (or you can work out an arrangement with me, and I can meet you to deliver it!). Make sure to follow Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on Twitter (@rcmf_chocolate)! The contest will be open until Friday, June 21. Good luck!

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  1. Me again! I don't have many friends who watch the show so this is a great outlet for me haha

    Brian's girlfriend was...too over the top for me. I get the drama of the whole situation but yikes. She reminded me of the women on Maury!

    Brandon...oh Brandon. I had high hopes for him in the first episode. But wow, was I way off. Glad she sent him home. Stop crying please!!!

    As an aside, why must every guy have a sob story?

    My worst date experience? Meeting a guy for the first time for a drink and five minutes before, he texts me to tell me he forgot his wallet. I already wasn't that into him, but he told me he was going to "date my socks off" on our first date so I agreed to meet him. Not only did I have to pay, it was a horrible date...he was so rude!! There was no second date.

    Til next time Sandy, keep the great blogs coming! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Marie! I know...Stephanie is a drama mama!! You should Google to get more scoop on her...;)

    Brandon totally reminds me of Kasey Kahl. I wonder if he would have gotten a tattoo for Des!? I'm sure he'll find someone else to fall head over heels for soon! As for your horrible date experience...that's crazy! Good thing you never went out with that guy again.

    Thanks for reading my blog, and your comments! xo

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