Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the New Bachelor is...Not Really New! Brad Womack is Back!!! Let the Fireworks Begin...

Hello Everyone!!

If you're like me, you have been in Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad withdrawal!! Monday nights were boring for a split second until Dancing With the Stars premiered last week. Last night's show featured, among...wait for it...dancing, go figure...the huge announcement of who was going to be the next Bachelor. Everyone was going cuckoo for news about who the next man would be to date 25 women in the hope of finding love. Little did they know that someone was coming back for another chance to jump into the most popular dating pool on television!! We finally found out that Brad Womack is going to be on next season of The Bachelor. Did you love the lame spoof of having Jonathan (The Weatherman) sitting next to Chris Harrison, so that everyone thought he would be the next Bachelor!? The Facebook statuses and Twitter messages were out of control!!! LOL!!

As someone who loves the shows and writing blogs about our favoutite guilty reality pleasure, I found it amusing how everyone got so worked up after the announcement was made. For the most part, people were angry and shocked that ABC would dare to cast the most hated man in the Bachelor franchise. They wanted to see Chris Lambton try his luck at love, or Kasey Kahl, or even Ty Brown. What people may not realize is that ABC tried to get Brad to be the Bachelor before Jake was offered the opportunity, and have been pursuing him for a while. They may not realize that the other men who may have been offered the opportunity could have had personal reasons for not wanting to be on the show. The media spotlight isn't for everyone, and some people may like to have a private life after reality TV.

I personally think this is a very smart decision. Brad rejected the women during his season because he wasn't ready for a commitment. Would it have been better if he chose DeAnna, then ended the relationship a month later? Think about it. He stood his ground and made the choice that was right for him. It cost him a lot, as the backlash was ridiculous. It's been a few years since that season...get over it people! Let the man have a chance to prove everyone wrong. You know you'll watch every week, and we all know the ratings will be through the roof. I personally cannot WAIT to blog about Brad's season. This is something ABC hasn't done...bring back a Bachelor for a second chance. I think a lot of people may change their mind and see him differently...but stranger things have happened.

I had to say something about this decision, as it was such a great move by ABC. Some people think it's crazy to recycle people for the shows...but it's been done for over 20 seasons, and it's still insanely popular. I tihnk this next season will be one for the books. If it fails...ABC knows they need to start looking for new faces. But if it succeeds...watch out. I think anything is possible if you give it a chance!

Enjoy the wonderful must-see TV that's back on the airwaves and I will see you in the new year to blog and dish about Brad and his season of The Bachelor!!

Until next time...XO

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  1. I admire your optimism @sassygirlcanada but only time will tell if Brad Womack has gotten over what he himself said on the Ellen DeGeneres today, is/was his fear of commitment as I quoted him as saying today. Ellen certainly looked doubtful but, as I tweeted earlier, I wish him well and hope he finds what everyone deserves .... to find someone they can love and who will love them back, flaws and all! Lord knows, none of us are perfect and everyone deserves a second chance. Whether this is the right forum for him to take that leap of faith again (alot of pressure and stress on Bachelors & Bachelorettes in the process), only time will tell. Some look at the success of a Trisha & Ryan (so happy 4 these 2), or Jason & Molly (was rooting 4 Molly 2 B picked ... if it couldn't B our (GR8 Cdn. gal Jillian), or even Ali & Roberta (very sweet couple!) and think it's worth the pressure & stress if U find that right person 4 you. However, that may B true but this forum isn't the right way 4 everyone, as Chris Lambton (what a GR8 guy!!) seems 2 have decided was the case 4 him (admire him 4 making up his own mind). I admit 2 being skeptical about this being the right means 4 Brad 2 find the woman 4 him but, I 2 will B watching and wishing him well.

    Looking forward 2 reading your blogs!

    Your tweeting friend!! :)