Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Showmance + Bromance + Couples = Bye Bye Single Ladies!!

How many people out there get more amused as each week of this show passes!? I am one of those people waiving my hand frantically in the air! I admit it...I am shamelessly hooked to this crazy show! A dash of crazy, a pinch of Disney, a huge serving of drama and a splash of Bromance and you have the recipe for the funniest show that has been on our televisions every Monday night this past summer. I'm sad to say that the finale is coming up quickly...but as we know, all good (and drama-infested!) things must come to an end. I have to say...not at all surprised they got rid of the single ladies and kept their couples alliances strong. Hope that doesn't come back to bite the houseguests too hard in the finale! Let's get this party started and get back to where we left off last week...:)

We pick up with the guests talking about Krisily's elimination. Kovacs isn't crying over her departure, but Dave was upset about how Krisily's speech was about him. Ummm...maybe because you told her she was safe, then helped get her booted out of the mansion! The girl's got a right to be pissed. The line used last night is so true..."Don't hate the player, hate the game!!" Words to live by...especially if the vote comes into the hands of the people who were kicked out each week. I am secretly hoping for a jury bitch session like on Survivor, where everyone has a chance to make speeches and ask crazy questions to those left in the game. We need some spice thrown into the finale, and I hope ABC steps up and gives it to the fans! What's a show like this without knockdown fights and crazy drama!!??

The remaining houseguests get a bomb dropped on them the next morning when Chris H. lets them know they are axing three of the ladies, as there are too many of them. I love how the way they determine who leaves comes down to Spin The Bottle! Clearly, all the great challenges were already taken by Big Brother and Amazing race. Really...a bottle and a kiss? Why not look for a genie in that bottle, as the single girls had no hope in hell to get a kiss from the guys who were already coupled off with the other women. No surprise how it all went down. The remaining couples are:

Kiptyn and Tenley (Krisily was pissed about this....she saved him early in the game, but he saves Tenley instead. Please...saw this coming in a snowstorm. Couples will always kick ass over singles any day of the week. Sorry Krisily...I love your ballsy, honest attitude...but guys will always pick the girl they want to get closer to over the girl who is nice and has good intentions. Let's see if this comes back to haunt Kiptyn in the finale!!) Why did Kiptyn bother to pace around and pretend to think about his choice? Did anyone believe that? I like Kiptyn...but that was lame. Plain and simple.

Kovacs and Elizabeth - Another no-brainer. He has been with our resident crazy girl for months. Even though she has screw loose, as Kovacs outs it, she is also his hookup in the house. Hard to compete with that!

Jesse B and Peyton - Our resident brother/sister relationship. I am still disappointed their showmance went south during their date in the hangar. It's nice to see they still get along. Hope it takes them to the end!

Dave and Natalie - Yet another showmance hookup. A wild night in Vegas isn't going to get trumped by three single women. I'm sure everyone would agree with me.

That left Nikki, Gwen and Ashley still single...and headed straight for the limo ride back to the airport. I wonder if the Weatherman is still available? There's a second chance for everything!! :)

I don't want to sit here and dissect every little thing on the show...but a few things stood out for me last night...

Kovacs and Elizabeth - Watching them go over how much (or in Elizabeth's case, how little!) they know about each other was ridiculous. Kovacs clearly knows a lot about her...but Elizabeth couldn't remember her name, let alone where he went to school, personal information about family, etc. Maybe if she took some Ginkgo Biloba (Liz...if you can't pronounce it...I don't think you really take it!), she wouldn't have looked like such a goof. Get a clue, sweetheart! Definately time for her to go home...

As much as I think Tenley and Kiptyn look cute together, I had my gag reflexes tested last night. Between the pool PDA and Tenley's Kip-Ten comment, I was wishing I could fast forward to another scene. That's all I have to say about them.

I would much rather talk about Peyton and Jesse B! How many people either howled or gagged over Jesse picking at an ingrown hair with a drywall screw!? OMG, hysterical! I wanted to say it's the screw that Kovacs said Elizabeth had loose...but I'm pretty sure people don't have drywall screws in their head. Hmmm..maybe it would help her seem less psychotic...but I digress. Anyway, I love the dynamic between Jesse and Peyton. While she isn't too happy about their partnership, as the other pairs are more like actual couples, I like them and their dynamic seems really genuine.

The next challenge came straight out of Frosh Week (for my Canadian friends...or for those in the US..Orientation Week for first year students at college). What the hell was the budget for these challenges!? Did everything get blown on the reward for winning the contest? I'm thinking yes. The water balloon tossing challenge came down to sticky fingers and clumsy catches. The last couple standing was Natalie and Dave, who won roses and immunity from the next elimination round, along with a 1-1 date. Shame Kovacs and Elizabeth had to mark their territory on the yellow Lamborghini waiting outside for Dave and Natalie. I feel like someone should have thrown some water balloons on them to cool them off.

I loved watching Dave rip out of the driveway on that hot sportscar! Better than seeing a kid in a candy store...unless the kid is joyriding in a car that cost six figures! Tell me you weren't jealous of their drive on the Pacific Coast Highway..I dare you! The part of the date that got to me was when Dave opened up about his parent's divorce and how he had a blowout with his father that caused them to stop talking. That's the first time we have seen Dave show any real emotion on the show. Nice to see that he's not just about the man code and bromance. Dave and competition without him around to shake things up! One thing I didn't see him as is a 'daddy's boy'. I guess anything is possible.

Dave talks strategy with Nat and wants to figure out where her head is at. Natalie wants Kovacs and Elizabeth out of the game, but Dave opens up to her about the pact he and his boy Jesse made before they came into the house. Nat tells him that at the end of the day...there is $250,000.00 on the line. Sometimes a lot of zeros cancels out the bromance...but that remains to be seen.

Back at the casa, everyone is busy getting some PDA in the pool...or just getting busy! Honestly...were any of you surprised that Kovacs and Elizabeth snuck into the Fantasy Suite and broke the bed!? Aaahhh...I love how Elizabeth wanted to talk to Kovacs about the night they met...and all he wanted to ask her was "Wanna get naked?" LOL. Liz...you saying "Screw Dave and Natalie" is so ironic....especially naked in the big girl bed! The icing on the cake was Tenley sneaking up to find Kovacs and Elizabeth. I loved how she ran back to everyone and lets them know the lights are out and it smells good. Jesse B knows what time it is with that news...and I preferred what he said over Princess Tenley's comments.

Getting back to the Fantasy Suite...did anyone else think that Elizabeth should have stopped talking 20 minutes earlier!? Clearly, Kovacs was there for one reason...and it didn't involve a long discussion about love, relationships or romance. He wanted to get in, get out and have some fun. Elizabeth...you need to win the money if for no other reason that to buy a CLUE! The guy just is not into you like that. Sorry I had to break it to you...please don't cry....and go postal...and act psychotic. Wait a sec. You have done all these things already. OK...never mind.

Let's just skip to the plotting and scheming going on before the next elimination vote and rose ceremony. I love how Tenley and Natalie had their 'woman code' established, but didn't go through with their talk of saving Peyton and Jesse from elimination. I was really hoping that they would be saved, and Kovacs and Elizabeth would be hitting the dusty trail. They are a favourite by those who knew them outside of the game, but not necessarily the best couple to be in the final six to win. Unfortunately, we know that it's usually a popularity contest in these types of situations.

All the talking and deal making couldn't save Jesse and Peyton from going home at the end of the rose ceremony. My favourite part of the ceremony was at the end of the show was Jesse calling out 'a few fake people' in the house. I totally agree with him...but at the end of the day, I guess you do what you have to for the chance to win a pile of money and save your showmances, bromances and anything else that will carry you to the season finale.

I don't know about you...but I am pumped for the season finale next week! I seriously hope that the people who were kicked out the game that are back for the final episode make the final two work for their votes and for the money! Twists and drama are what makes shows like this more enjoyable to watch. We all love to get lost in the hysterics, tension and drama that exists on Bachelor Pad...so please ABC...bring it next week and don't disappoint us!!

Take care, have a great week and let me leave you with a final thought. If we didn't have crazy shows like this to make us laugh and dissect every juicy detail the next morning, our Monday nights would be boring. I would also have nothing interesting to blog about! I have no idea what I am going to do after next week! LOL...;)

Until next time...XO


  1. Oh you are SO funny and I knew you would make a comment about 'Kip-Ton' how lame was that! Come on tinley.... You can do better than that!

    And agreed...Why DID Kypton walk around like it was all big drama who he was going to pick?

    I agree Elizabeth and Kovacks in that car was just plain old trashy!

    Oh and WHY oh WHY did Elizabeth say "I love you" and then of course Kovack didn't say anything.... Pathetic.

    So what is your prediction for who wins???

    I think Natalie has a good shot!

  2. LOL! Thanks Sarah! Of course I HAD to say something about Tenley's comment. She is cute...but that was so lame and cheesey! Haha.

    I think Elizabeth is finally going to see that she isn't getting anywhere with Kovacs past the Fantasy Suite. If a guy's just making any declarations of affection back when a woman pours her heart out to him...hate to burst the bubble...but he's just NOT that interested in you, sweetheart.

    As for who will win...I put all my money on Dave Good. I love how he played the game! He stayed true to himself...did what he had to to to make alliances, and kept the game play going the whole time in the house. He's so blunt with his comments and that makes me laugh.

    If Dave doesn't win, I would love to see Natalie win the money! They were definately two of the most fun people in the house...and come on...it's Bachelor Pad! It's all about fun! ;)

  3. I'll try & be brief. Lol @ your blog. Games were lame & yes, cheap 4 such @ pop. show & spin bottle clearly rigged 2 get out singles. Elizabeth is a wing-nut! Run Kovacs run! Kovacs - typical of some guys (booty caller) & either really wants to win, or nuts himself for dating Elizabeth. Liz forgetting name of Ginkgo Biloba was hilarious! Careful Kovacs; what other "pill" might she also be "forgetting" to take?! Tenley & Kypton r @ times sweet & enjoyable to watch but, Tenley can be incredibly annoying 2 watch; she cries far too easily (get a grip) and plays the pity/victim card far 2 often. Natalie (uggg) - no comment. Dave - understand why he was/can be such a loose cannon (remember him on Bachelorette/Ali show) after hearing about his relationship (or lack of) w his Dad. Hope he wins actually but, wouldn't be upset 2 see Kypton win either. Looking forward 2 next week's finale! Cheers fellow watchers! Thanks my fellow Canuck for writing/keeping this blog!

  4. LOL! I love your comments...thanks! It's so easy to get caught up in all of these crazy reality shows...they are so addictive! I can't wait for next week's finale either. Should be filled with drama and I look forward to seeing who wins! Go Team Dave! ;)