Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Kiss From a Rose, Badass Bachelorettes and Romance, Bachelor Style!

Well, I don't know about you, but I think Michelle seems WAY too obsessed with Brad!  Maybe that's the understatement of the night...the girl is CUCKOO!  What's up with the Fatal Attraction creeping and being jealous of a little competition?  Last time I checked, there was a house full of women fighting over Brad!  Michelle, get a clue.  Now that you're 30 (in case you forgot...Michelle celebrated a birthday. Yup, she's still a dirty thirty!), maybe it's time to act your age and be a big girl.  There was enough drama, tears and fight scenes to make even the biggest soap opera fan proud of last night's episode.  Grab your combat gear and let's get this party started! 

The first date of the night was given to Ashley S.  I loved when she said "What am I gonna wayer!?"  Love her southern accent....but personally, I think it's hysterical when people think Canadians have an accent.  No one can beat our "Ooot and aboot!"  Haha, sorry, digressing for a second.  Brad took Ashley to Capitol Records so they could record a song together.  I know that a lot of people have mixed feelings about last night's 1-1 date with Ashley S. and Brad.  Singing Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" in a recording booth may not be everyone's idea of a romantic date, but he selected that especially for her, based on her love for Batman movies and that she used to sing this song with her father, who passed away two years ago.  Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that those memories trigger tons of emotions, and this date was no different for Ashley. 

I am the first to admit that the recording they made was baaadd!!  Sorry Brad...you're easy on the eyes, but dogs were baying at the moon while you both sang!  Maybe it would have helped if he was dressed up as Batman, and Ashley rocked out in a Batgirl costume.  I have to give them both credit for facing their fears and doing something like that together.  It's moments like these that bring people together, let their guard down and create special experiences together.  I also have to admit that I am really liking the fact that Brad is making the effort this season to create a very comfortable environment for the girls to relax and be themselves with him.  This in turn has also allowed him to be natural and open up to them, as well.  Nice to see!

Once that awkward moment was over, Brad surprised Ashley with a private performance by Seal.  I am a huge Seal fan, and the man can sing!  It was sweet to watch Ashley get emotional while he sang.  I like her, and it's obvious that Brad does too.  She'll probably stick around for a while. The date continued later with dinner on the roof, and a little dancing, a little kissing, and Ashley gets a rose from Brad.  I'm not sold yet on Ashley being a potential soul mate for Brad, but you can see that they have a natural chemistry, and Brad thinks she's very sweet and charismatic.  We'll have to wait and see how this plays out for them.

The second date was a group date with Brad to film an action adventure movie.  It comes as no surprise that Michelle is whining yet again about how she has to share Brad with the rest of the women on the group date.  I don't know what world she lives in...but in the real world, after seeing someone twice, and being on a reality show where 30 women are competing for the affections of one man, you don't get the man all to yourself!  Does Michelle live in a creeper bubble?  I'm starting to wonder. 

The ladies watch as Brad is attacked by several actors on the movie set, then find out that they will each be filming their own scenes.  The person who does the best job will film a scene at the end with Brad.  We see the gloves come off, and kick come into high gear as everyone shoots their scenes.  It's a shame Keltie had to miss this date.  No doubt her kicks would have been the best!    I loved watching Chantal O. channel her inner Angelina Jolie during her fight scene.  Chantal seems like a very cool woman with a tough persona, but she needs more 1-1 time with Brad, so we can see what other qualities she has.  Michelle definitely stepped up her game, in order to get the last scene with Brad.  In the end, Shawntel impressed Brad the most, and she was given the last scene with him. The fact that she got to film multiple takes of kissing Brad was way too much for Michelle.  I thought her head was going to spin around, Linda Blair style from The Exorcist!  LOL! 

Did any of you get grossed out listening to Michelle talk about giving Brad sensual, sexy, slippery kisses!?  That girl is one straight jacket away from the psych ward!  I get that she is into Brad...but it's become an obsession of ridiculous proportions and I don't see the attraction to her.  I guess every season has to have the token crazy girl.

The date continues into the evening with a rooftop after party.  Brad and Chantal finally get some alone time, where she breaks down and says she doesn't feel very special to him in a sea of other women,  She also tells him about her past with her biological father, who she hadn't talked to in 15 years.  When she finally reached out to him, she found out he passed away months before.  She finally has a connection with Brad, and (shocker!), they have a make out session.  I wonder if Brad carries around a few tubes of lip balm for each of the dates?  I'll check into that!

Back at the house, Emily tells the girls about her past and that her fiance died in a plane crash.  Emily knows she has to tell Brad about what happened, and that she has a daughter, but she's worried about how he will react.  She also questions if she can keep her nerves in check.  The girls are very emotional upon hearing Emily's story and cry along with her, and Madison starts to question the reasons why she is  part of this whole experience. 

Back at the party, the girls are fighting for time with Brad.  Michelle continues her rant about how she has to wait to have some private time with Brad, and decides to creep in and interrupt Brad's alone time with Alli.  She lurks in the corner, Glenn Close style, then swoops in for the kill! (think Fatal Attraction!!  This girl just needs a crazy blonde wig and a HUGE knife!!)  I personally find her very rude and annoying, with an agenda of her own.  I understand that you need to be a little assertive in a situation like this...but she's just being a royal pain in the butt to everyone else, and comes off as a stalker.  End of story.  She plays the "I feel selfish leaving my daughter behind" card, to gain sympathy from Brad.  Crazy part is, he falls for it and kisses her.  Maybe he likes psychos.  Guess time will tell.

The only great thing out of the night is that Brad ends up giving the rose to Shawntel, who happily accepts.  I thought Michelle's head was going to spin off her head, and that she was going to spit venom!  She thinks she's way above the women in the house, and that in the end she'll end up with Brad, making babies in Tahiti.  Ummm...Michelle...maybe the Easter Bunny, Great Pumpkin and Holiday Armadillo will come to your wedding, and be in the bridal party too!  The girl's a Fruit Loop short of a box of cereal!  Get a clue, sweetheart!

The last date is with Emily.  Brad plans a very romantic day for them, and he's been attracted to her since they met.  He hopes that she will open up to him, as she has been very private until now.  I had to laugh when Emily was referred to as an "itsy bitsy Barbie doll with a soul of Mother Theresa."  Obviously, you can't hate Mother Theresa, so it's clear that the girls really like Emily.  Brad takes Emily to a private jet that will fly them to their destination.  Problem is, she's afraid to fly and Brad doesn't know her fiance died in a plane crash.  Emily took one for the team, to spare Brad's feelings because he was excited about the plane ride and tried to stay calm.

Once they get to the winery, Brad tries to get Emily to open up about her personal life, but she keeps deflecting the personal questions.  I can't say that I blamed her, as she doesn't know how he will react to her story.  Brad asks her about her best date and she says being with her best friend.  She tells him that she has only been in one serious relationship, but that she has dated from time to time.  Brad is really confused as to why she won't open up to him, as he really wants a romantic connection with Emily.  he's concerned that if he can't get her to break down her walls, they won't be able to get close.

Brad surprises Emily with a romantic dinner, and she finally mentions the 'elephant' in the room.  She talks about how she has only loved one man and that he was the love of her life.  They were engaged when she was a teenager.  He was a race car driver, and she travelled with him everywhere.  The one Sunday she didn't go with him, he died in a plane crash.  Five days later, she found out she was pregnant, and now she has a 5 year old daughter.  Emily apologized to Brad for not telling him sooner, but she said she wanted him to get to know her without hearing everything else that happened in her life.

Brad could have reacted a number of different ways in this situation, and I give him huge brownie points for putting Emily at ease when he said he was flattered that she thought highly enough of him to tell her story.  He tells her he likes her even more now.  It is so nice to see Emily's walls come down and enjoy her time with Brad. 

I have said this from the first episode, but I think Emily is amazing.  She has been through a lot in her young life, and is a strong, compassionate and loving person.  Brad sees all of these qualities in her early on, and I think they would make an amazing couple.  It's nice to see Brad tell her how much her likes her and how badly he wants her to accept the rose.  There's no other way to describe it...he's a smitten kitten.  There.  I said it!  He tells her it was the perfect date, and I have to agree.  I see Emily staying around for a very long time.  He even goes as far as saying she is the type of person he would see a future with.  Do you think she's getting kicked off the show any time soon?  Didn't think so.  ;)

I am going to skip quickly over the scene with the therapist coming to visit Brad.  We already know that Brad has spent a lot of time in therapy dealing with issues form the past.  I did like the fact that the therapist told Brad he needs to keep creating situations that the women would feel comfortable enough to open up to him.  Also, by allowing himself to open up to the ladies, they in turn will open up to him.  He spoke about his romantic date with Emily and the intense connection he had with her.  Because of the environment he created for Emily, she was able to finally open up and talk to him about the past.  That is a huge hurdle for anyone who has been through trauma, and I was impressed that Brad was able to have that breakthrough with Emily.

Finally, we arrive at the cocktail party.  Brad is excited to spend time with the ladies, and they are anxious to have alone time with him.  Alli opens up to Brad about her family and talks about how her father cheated on her mother.  Brad says he would never do that and trust is huge with him.  Brad and Chantal share more alone time and continue to have a strong connection.  Once again, Michelle swoops in to steal Brad for 1-1 time.  Chantal lets the other girls know what happened.

I love how Michelle used her alone time to tell Brad they were in a fight because he kissed Chantal after he kissed her.  I feel like a need to act out some scenes for her using sock puppets.  It's a show about finding love among 30 women.  It's not rocket science...she's not the only one there, even if she thinks she is!  Brad tells her that he likes to seize moments with the women when he can and kisses others when the moment arises.  What drives me crazy is that he likes the fact that she wants his time.  He actually likes how she's acting!  I have to question that...not very smart on his part, but here's hoping she creates her own undoing on the show.

Madison opens up and tells Brad that she is seriously considering leaving the house.  She came to find love, but she feels that others are so much more invested into the experience than she is.  She doesn't want to take a rose away from a person who genuinely wants to be there.  Brad asks her to think about it until after the cocktail party. 

Ashley is also having doubts about staying in the house.  Brad feels her pulling away, and give her a huge kiss to reassure her that he wants her to stay,  I think Michele should take a cue from these girls and see if it helps her get a 1-1 date!  LOL!

We arrive at the rose ceremony.  Ashley, Shawntel and Emily already have roses.  Brad starts to hand out roses, and Madison leaves the room.  Brad follows her, and she tells him that she has decided to leave the house.  She would have a hard time taking a rose away from someone who wants to be there to fall in love with him.  He is disappointed, but commends her for her decision. 

I have to say, I personally have changed my mind about Madison.  She was very mature and honest about her decision, and wasn't dramatic about it.  It just shows that this experience wasn't really for her, and rather than drag it our further, she left on her terms and told Brad how she felt.  I have a lot of respect for that and hope she finds happiness away from the show.

The roses go to:

Michelle, Chantal O, Lisa, Jackie, Ashley H., Marissa, Britt, Alli, Lindsay, Meagan, Stacey

Kimberly and Sarah P. did  not receive a rose. 

OK, that's it for this week.  Thanks for your comments, emails, and messages to me during  and after the show.  I love hearing from people and am always happy to answer your questions!  Have a great week and stay out of trouble!  ;)

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  1. There's always one Cuckoo, isn't there?!? Seriously, sometimes I wonder if they specially plant them in there--pay them a little extra! Can they seriously be that crazy?

  2. LOL! You have to wonder, don't you? I'm not sure if Michelle is really as crazy as she appears, but it sure does make for an entertaining episode to watch her be really cuckoo! ;)