Thursday, January 13, 2011

Midways, PSAs, a Pretty Woman and A Lotta Drama! Bring On The First Dates!

Hello lovelies!  What a crazy episode!  Was anyone else sick of hearing Michelle go on...and on...and on.......and ON!..about how it was her 30th birthday!?  Honestly, I needed to be medicated to get through that part of the show!  Wow.  In case you didn't watch the show, get the memo or attend the VIP party...Michelle had a birthday.  She turned 30.  She was a diva.  OK...that pretty much covers it!  LOL.  Aside from that, the episode did not disappoint.  There was a lot of drama, kissing, dissing and hissing!  Perfect combination for a reality show.  Grab your drinks and let's get down to business!

The first 1-1 date for the episode went to Ashley H, who I think is cute as a button and a good fit for Brad.  I love how cute she looked in her dress, although it was a bit too much of a bridesmaid style for my taste.  Brad, on the other hand, was insanely hot in his suit!  I think he got better looking over the last three years!  Wow.  OK, I will stop drooling now.  I love how he whisked her off to the woods, where it was pitch black, and had her flip a switch to produce a private midway.  It was sweet, very private and suited her fun personality.  It was obvious that Ashley put Brad at ease and allowed him to relax and be himself while he got to know Ashley better. 

The photo booth was a cute touch.  Where else but on The Bachelor could you enjoy cotton candy, wine and tons of kisses at the same time!?  I know that never happened at the local midways in Ontario!  LOL.  I like the dynamic between the two of them, but it was eerie how much they had in common when it came to their absentee fathers.  Ashley mentioned how her father was never really around for most of her life and that she had no idea where he was.  Brad told Ashley how his father left when he was young and dealt with addiction issues.  He told her that his father showed him what he doesn't want to become in life. It was nice to see Brad's walls come down and see the comfort level growing with Ashley.  Naturally, he gave her a rose, and she happily accepted.  The two of them end the date by riding the ferris wheel and making out.  Typical scene out of most teen movies...but none of them ever had a ferris wheel all to themselves.  First victory goes to my girl Ashley.  She got the rose, the cotton candy, great use out of her lip gloss AND the man.  A good night all around.  ;)

The second date was a group date with Brad and 15 of the ladies.  Brad had everyone meet him to shoot a series of PSAs for the American Red Cross.  The theme was "Love is a Two-Way Street", and the girls had to get into wardrobe and learn their lines from scripts created for the taping.  Some of the girls got to wear very sexy outfits, while others like Keltie were stuck in very unflattering clothing.  How ironic is this for the Radio City Rockette!!  This is the date where we see the full extent of Michelle's whiny, high maintenance attitude, as she complains about having to share Brad with 14 other women on her 30th birthday.  Here we go...the first of 1,000 reminders that Michelle is celebrating a milestone birthday.  She has to watch with the other women as Brad tapes a scene with two women, who take turns kissing him in take after take.  Brad was great as Gustavo, with the fake hair on his chest and the crazy moustache!  Melissa gets tired of waiting for her time with Brad, interrupts the scene and plants her own kiss on Brad!  She managed to ruffle some feathers and piss off the ladies who still didn't have a chance to spend time with Brad.

We get back to Michelle, who is still whining about the fact that she doesn't feel very special on her birthday, because she had to share Brad with 14 other women.  Did I forget to mention that it's Michelle's 30th birthday?  In case you  didn't know...she's 30.  Write it down. You can't forget this special milestone!!

One of the PSAs is with Brad on a bed with Chantel O. and Britt, who is freaking out about having to make out on a bed with Brad and Chantel.  Britt decides to go to the extreme and have a full force make out session with Brad, to the shock of the ladies.  Personally, I think she was really ballsy in doing this.  Who knows when she will have a chance like this again among 14 other women.  Good for her for going for it!  Brad didn't seem to mind at all.  Michelle, on the other hand, got upset (huge surprise!), and walked off the set.  Brad went to talk to her about what happened and she apologized for what she did, saying she wants to get to know him and see if there is a potential connection between them.  Does anyone think that this connection is more Fatal Attraction than Some Kind of Wonderful? back into the dark woods and hide from this crazy girl!!

After the PSAs are taped, Brad takes the bachelorettes to an after party on the roof of the Roosevelt Room.  Brad spend some 1-1 time with Melissa, who explains why she interrupted his scene to kiss him.  Brad also gets 1-1 time with Michelle, who says she wants to connect with Brad, but she feels he has walls up.  She seems like a creepy stalker, and I wonder how long Brad it will take for Brad to look past her beauty and see this ridiculous behaviour for what it really is.  Brad ends up giving a rose to the birthday girl, who flaunts it and does some ridiculous dance with the rose before the other girls.  I think it's time for the high maintenance diva's birthday to come to an end!!

The final date is a 1-1 date with Jackie.  Brad has a 'Pretty Woman' themed day in store for Jackie, filled with pampering, a luxurious suite filled with gorgeous clothes, and people to get her ready for her date with Brad.  After she come out to meet Brad (who once again again looks amazing in a tuxedo!), he gives her a Neil Lane diamond necklace.  What viewers didn't know is he also gave her earrings she was allowed to keep after the date, which made the other girls insanely jealous.  If I were Jackie, I would sleep with one eye open, watch my earlobes and check the shampoo bottles to make sure other chemicals weren't added...LOL!  Brad takes Jackie to the Hollywood Bowl for dinner and a private concert with Train. 

While on the date, Brad learns that Jackie has only dated two men in her life.  He is concerned that she is not going to be willing to take a risk in getting to know him and voices his concerns to her,  He offers her a rose and says he is willing to hang in there if she is.  Of course, she accepts the rose.

The next day is the cocktail party before the rose ceremony.  Michelle steals Brad away as soon as it starts, and proceeds to ask him ridiculous questions to waste his time that could be spent talking to the other women in the house.  Do we really need to hear Michelle ask Brad what's in his fridge, or what type of coffee he prefers?  Shame Brad didn't ask for my opinion on Michelle.  I would send her to hang with Sarah Palin's family in Alaska, who love to gut and smoke their own fish.  Can you imagine Michelle having to do any of that!?  Didn't think so.  Just the image of it makes me giddy.

Emily's 1-1 time with Brad is a lot more interesting.  Brad is blown away by her beauty and can't put words together to speak to her.  They're both attracted to each other and she asks him to be patient with her, as she is slow to open up about her personal details.  She has yet to tell him about her daughter, and that will be a big step for her.  I am really looking forward to seeing how things play out for Brad and Emily.  She has very quickly become the favourite of the bachelorettes for people online!

While all of this is going on, Melissa and Raichel are busy fighting and getting in each other's faces.  Both girls get very emotional and are crying, which prompts Brad to come and comfort them.  Melissa tells Brad she is being targeted by the other women in the house, and that Raichel is attacking her and draining her energy.  Brad talks to Raichel afterwards, who is also upset about the tension with Melissa.  Someone please give these girls a box of Kleenex, and tell them to turn the waterworks off.  Honestly....this is ridiculous!

To help Brad make a decision about the women, Roberto and Ali come to the mansion to interview the girls and provide their opinions on them for Brad.  Melissa cries when she meets with Ali and Roberto, describing the drama in the house.  She tells them she's a target in the house.  When Ali and Roberto ask Chantel to provide her opinion of Raichel, she gives a thumbs-down.  She also thinks that Melissa creates her own drama within the house. 

After the interviews are done, Brad sits with Ali and Roberto to get their opinion of the ladies.  Once they are finished, Brad goes over to get the rose and asks Emily to join him outside.  He tells her he thinks she is there for the right reasons, and Ali and Roberto, who spoke very highly of her, do as well.  He offers her the rose, which she happily accepts.

Finally, the rose ceremony takes place.  Ashley H, Michelle, Jackie and Emily have already received a rose. The following girls also received a rose:

Chantel O., Sarah, Alli, Kimberly, Chantal N., Stacey, Ashley S., Madison, Lisa, Marissa, Megan, Lindsay, and Britt.

Brad sends Melissa, Raichel and Keltie home.  I'm sure there are many men out there who are devastated to see Raichel go.  Did you see her dress!?  Wow...she was barely keeping herself  in that dress!  Wow...someone needs to teach that girl that sometimes, less is more..when it comes to exposing herself!  She needs to keep her emotions...and her check!

Well, that's it from me.  I apologize for the delay in posting this entry. I won't let it happen again!  Take care, enjoy your week and if there is anything you would like me to add to my blog, or topics you would like me to write about, please let me know!  I love feedback and comments and all of the messages I have been receiving...from women and men!  It's been great to hear from both ends of the spectrum, and I encourage you to keep providing me with your feedback.  I will be adding a bonus entry in the next few days that will cover a few topics that I have questioned people about.  The feedback will be posted here, so stay tuned!

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  1. See, I'm not watching this season, but I don't have to! I just have to come here for updates! I'll come back later on for last night's episode ;)

  2. Perfect! Thanks for your comment. I can't wait to hear what you think. :)