Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bachelor Scorned! Let The First Dates Begin!

Hello lovelies! I know I'm not the only one who thought that silence may be golden, but muzzles should have been used on last night's episode! One thing is for sure...there were tons of fireworks on hand to close out Memorial Weekend for our wonderful neighbours in the US! I would love to fast forward and talk about the end of the show, but we have much more to cover before then. Grab your bevvies, fasten your seat belts, and let the games begin!

You know it's not the start of the season without Chris Harrison visiting the star of the show to see how she's doing. I still appreciate that Kaitlyn asked about Britt again, to make sure she was OK. Regardless of what some people may think of Kaitlyn (more on that later!), she has been very classy with how she has handled her new title and the situation as a whole. She's definitely ready to get to know the men, and start the dating process!

Britt calls her mom from the hotel room, letting her know she was not going to be the next Bachelorette. She had a mini crying session, which was quickly forgotten after Brady showed up at her door. One hug later, and these two are about to start their own journey to find love!

The first date involves the men literally fighting for Kaitlyn's affections, as they have a boxing session with champion boxer Laila Ali. Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Cooper, Ben H., and Ben Z. are brought along for the wild ride. I have to admit, it was fun to watch the men step out of their comfort zone to impress Kaitlyn. They stepped up to the challenge, and delivered in the boxing ring. I think Kupah forgot that he was actually on a date, and needed to spend time with Kaitlyn. Someone buy this man a clue!

Kaitlyn sat ringside, and watched the men pair off and spar to move on to additional rounds. Jared was one of the men who stood out the most, but he was unfortunately knocked out by Ben Z. in the final round, and was sent to the hospital. Talk about taking one for the team!

Ben Z. is one of the standouts on this date, opening up to Kaitlyn in private about his mother passing away of cancer when he was 14. The emotional connections are just as important to Kaitlyn as the physical ones, and he ends up getting the group rose and a kiss. Jared gets a huge Honourable Mention, sending her a private note to meet her downstairs for his own time with Kaitlyn. Browine points and a kiss go to him. Game on!

This week's 1-1 date goes to Clint, who is whisked away by Kaitlyn for a underwater photo shoot at a private villa. Kaitlyn is still impressed by the drawing he created for her of Chris Harrison with the triceratops (which trumps any of the stick figure drawings I have ever created!). I thought this date was incredibly cool. You could see the two of them getting more comfortable with each other as the photo shoot took place. The pictures were stunning, and the chemistry between Kaitlyn and Clint was undeniable. Having an underwater photo shoot is now on my list of fun things to try! Needless to say, Clint gets the rose, and a makeout session. Is anyone keeping score of how many times Kaitlyn kissed the bachelors in the episode? I'll give you the final tally at the end of this post

The final date of the week was a group date that took place at a comedy club. This time. Kaitlyn brought along JJ, Jonathan, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe, and Tony along for the ride. It was nice to see the men squirm on this date, and some of them truly stepped up for their performances on stage. I love how Amy Schumer took JJ down a notch, telling him he wasn't the smartest person in the room. Personally, I think he's the breakout jackass of the season, proving that arrogance is NOT an attractive quality in a man! Sadly, Kaitlyn only sees one side of him, as JJ reels her in on the emotional tip while talking about his three year-old daughter. The rest of the group sees him for the player he really is! For his efforts, JJ gets the group rose.

If JJ is the breakout jackass, then Tony is the breakout Fruit Loop! Saying things like "You're an enigma, wrapped in a riddle', and referring to Kaitlyn as '..a combination lock, not a key turn', makes me want a reference guide to understand what the hell he's talking about!

Finally, I get to dish about the best part of the episode - the cocktail party, and fireworks that take place at the end of the episode! JJ starts the night off on a negative tone, by stealing Kaitlyn for private time. Buddy, you already have a rose, and the men agreed to let the men who didn't get a date with Kaitlyn that week have time with her first. To quote his ridiculous line: Sorry, I'm not sorry. You're an ass!

I am very impressed that Ian finally scored points with Kaitlyn, and surprised her (and me!) with his compassion, and opens up to her about his horrible accident. She felt incredibly comfortable with him, and made the emotional connection they needed. I hope these two get more time together on future episodes. He definitely stepped up as a contender, and scored a kiss from Kaitlyn (total kiss tally for this episode - 6! Go Kaitlyn!)

Finally, we arrive at the moment of the night. Leave it to Kupah to singlehandedly blow his chances of moving on to the next round of dates. This is the guy who made no effort to talk to Kaitlyn on the group boxing date, and he accuses her of ignoring him up to this point. The irony is that Kaitlyn felt a connection with him up until this point, and wanted to discuss his lack of interest in her on the group date. To add fuel to the inferno he created, he puts her on the spot, asking why he's still there. Telling a girl 'I don't want to be here if I'm the minority guy who fills a quota.' isn't going to win you brownie points, Einstein. Congratulations...you just moved to the top of Kaitlyn's list of men who will get the boot!

The hits kept coming, as Kupah started backpedaling after Kaitlyn told him he talked her out of their connection. Flattery after the fact will get you nowhere fast, as we saw a few minutes later. A word of advice, Kupah...make sure the girl is out of earshot before you dissect your conversation with the other bachelors. I love how Kaitlyn stepped in and gave him the boot after he removed the filter, and kept the verbal babble coming. His meltdown for the cameras was the stuff reality TV dreams are made of! I can't wait to see the conclusion of this towering blaze next week!

It was pretty hard to top that hot mess at the end of the show, but showing Britt and Brady's progression of their week long date sessions end with them entering a relationship shows quickly fast things can happen on a reality show. We all know that this isn't the norm in the real world, but hey-whatever works for them! I'm sure we'll have many more updates on these two as the season progresses.

What did you think of last night's episode? I would love to hear your thoughts. Make sure to join me on Twitter next Monday, as we tweet out the drama and fireworks!

Until next time...xo

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