Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bromantic Blowouts, Rap Battles, and Hurricane Nick Rolls In! The Bachelorette Rolls into NYC!

Hello lovelies! I hope you took cover during the latest episode of The Bachelorette...looks like Hurricane Nick is coming in for Kaitlyn, fast and furious! Batten down the hatches - there's going to be some HUGE waves in the house for the rest of the season! Grab your drinks. and buckle up. This is going to be a wild ride!

Like everyone else who watched Andi's season of The Bachelorette last year, I saw how charming Nick was while he was vying for her affections. Sadly, we all know how that story ended, and everything crashed and burned for them. The final nail in the coffin was their reunion on the After The Final Rose episode, when Nick called Andi out for sleeping with him in the Fantasy Suite, and rejecting him days later at the Final Rose ceremony. Nick cemented himself into the category of Douchebag of the Year for 2014! Having said this, I'm sure you're all wondering why Kaitlyn would want someone like this on her season. Does she think he would potentially pull something like this on her? How could she possibly be interested in someone who did something so nasty? I'll share my thoughts with you later in the post. Stay tuned!

OK, let's get back to the show! Last time we saw Kaitlyn, she was out for blood, and wanted Clint out of the house for good. I guess when you call someone "The biggest douche in Bachelor history", you don't want to try and have a relationship with that person. Just my opinion! Our girl pulls Clint aside for a private chat, where she tells him she doesn't trust him, and wants him out of the house. The drama starts to take a wild turn when JJ turns on his bromantic partner, and demands that Clint apologize to Kaitlyn for his actions. A huge fight breaks out, the bromance is over, and both men are more upset about their broken relationship than Kaitlyn's  feelings! Try and figure that riddle out.

I'm still wondering if this duo knew what show they were on this season. JJ crying over the fight with Clint made me wonder if he was going to ride away with him into the night. Who does the screening for this show? I would have sent more than half of the guys home. Poor Kaitlyn is getting a raw deal with this crazy bunch.

Once the dust settles, Kaitlyn apologized for the drama, and cancelled the rose ceremony. Everyone gets to pack up for NYC. The show is officially going on the road for the rest of the season. I think everyone was more upset about the fact that JJ wasn't booted along with Clint, but I'm sure his time will come soon enough. Most villains never vill until the end! ;)

The week in NYC starts with the guys receiving their first date card. Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z., Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ and Shawn are invited by Kaitlyn with a note, saying "Let's keep our love fresh". It turned out to be a rap battle session date, with special guest Doug E. Fresh. I love rap music, and was SUPER impressed by this date. To me, this is the best date so far. The guys had to battle in pairs, being judged on their skills and how much fun their rap-off was in front of a live audience. What the guys don't see is that Nick is watching from the back of the room. They're in for a world of drama very soon!

The rap battles are fun, with some dissing and hissing mixed in with humour. I was more interested in seeing Kaitlyn's reaction to seeing Nick when she went over to say hi to her fellow Bachelor contestant Ashley I. (otherwise known as Kardashley!). I'm really looking forward to seeing her drama and fireworks on Bachelor In Paradise this summer, but that's a whole other blog post. Back to Kaitlyn and Nick! For those who are not in the loop, Kaitlyn met Nick through social media, but they never met in person. They have traded messages and texts, so this is their first official meeting. How appropriate that it's on a reality show. Totally random, of course! Nick tells Kaitlyn that he wants a shot at getting to know her, before she potentially meets someone else and gets engaged. She says she needs to think about it, and tells the other bachelors what has happened.

Naturally, no one wants Nick to come into the picture. Some of the men knew what he did on his season of The Bachelorette, and those who didn't know received the watered down version, and wanted no part of him, either. We all know having Nick is ratings gold, but will have to wait for Kaitlyn to give her official decision later. In the meantime, Jared gets a date card for a 1-1 date with Kaitlyn. She also needs to hand out the group rose, and gives it to Justin.

Kaitlyn calls Nick and tells him to meet her where she's getting her hair done for her 1-1 date, so they can talk about him potentially coming into the house with the other men. After their chat, she decides to let him stay (was there any doubt!?), but tells him not to move into the house until the next day. She needs time to tell the men about this decision. She says there is chemistry between her and Nick, and she needs to explore it.

OK, let me get back to my earlier comments about Nick joining the show. It's been four weeks, and Kaitlyn has already built several solid connections with the men on this season. Should someone like Nick be able to join this far into the season? Why should she bother with someone who people consider a douche for what he did to Andi? The answer is pretty simple. It's Kaitlyn's season. She has a say on what she wants to see happen. We also know she has established a connection with Nick, and has chemistry with him. Is he an ass for what he did in the past? Absolutely. Do I think he will cause more drama and trouble this season? Most likely. However, we also know that lust overshadows like or love, and the heart wants what it wants. If Kaitlyn didn't let him join the show, she may live with regrets and doubt. She could also have let it cloud all the other dates and potential relationships that come out of this season.

In the end, we know having Nick is ratings gold, and there is no way this opportunity was going to be missed. It sets a strange precedent, as we will probably see a lot more of this happening on future seasons, but let's see how this bombshell plays out!

I feel pretty bad for Jared on his 1-1. Kaitlyn obviously isn't into it at first, as she is thinking about Nick, and how her decision will affect everyone else. Thankfully. she shakes it off, sees that he's a genuinely good guy, and they enjoy their private time at the Met, and the private helicopter ride after the date. Jared gets the rose. That's pretty much all I have to say about the date. It was more thought than Kaitlyn had originally put into it!

Kaitlyn wakes up the next morning, second guessing her decision about letting Nick stay and move in with the guys. I don't blame her for being worried about telling the others. It's going to be a chilly night in Bacheloretteville! She shows up for the next group date, and tells everyone that Nick is moving in tonight, and will be part of the rose ceremony. Naturally, no one is happy, and the tension can be cut with a chainsaw! Kaitlyn leaves them to discuss everything, Her theory is that she not 100% confident in her decision, but  has to follow her heart. I'm sure there are many women watching who would agree. You may not always make the best decision, but following your heart usually wins over thinking about matters of the heart logically.

The final group date takes everyone on stage with the Broadway cast of Aladdin. Ian, Chris, Joe, Joshua, and Ben H. received a simple message from Kaitlyn on the date card: "Let's play". The men need to complete a Broadway audition, complete with singing and dancing, The winner will be on stage with Kaitlyn that night for a performance of Aladdin. I will admit that the guys did a great job learning the choreography, and singing for their private time with Kaitlyn. After everyone completes their audition, Cupcake Chris wins, and gets to stay with Kaitlyn for the night performance, while everyone else goes back to then hotel.

Kaitlyn and Chris enjoy their brief moment on stage during the show, then go on the roof of a building in Times Square to hang out with the ball that is dropped in Times Square on New Year's Eve. Another pretty cool thing, I must admit. Chris gets a rose.

I loved the cliffhanger at the end of the episode, showing Nick coming into the hotel, going up the elevator, and heading towards the hotel room to move in with the guys. He knows they will all hate him, but I'm sure he's going to be able to hold his own. What do you think will happen next week? Do you think there will be a new bromance in the works? Will anyone become Nick's new buddy? Stay tuned! I'm sure next week will be full of more drama and fireworks!

Until next time...xo

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