Monday, June 7, 2010

Beach boys, beefcake and bitching: Bring it on!!

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed the latest episode of The Bachelorette. Who knew that 17 men, one bachelorette, a tattletale and a McDreamy wannabe could stir up so much drama!? I LOVE it! Grab your drinks and let's get this party started!

Whoever coined the saying "Love, Hollywood style!" must have seen into a crystal ball and saw Ali's date with Frank! Ali's first 1-1 date with the aspiring screenwriter starts with her picking up Frank in a vintage convertible. Shame that the car breaks down on the highway. Not to worry...Ali decides that she and Frank can walk down the highway and hail a cab. I love how one mysteriously appeared to get them! Only on a reality show, my friends...:)

Ali and Frank take off to Hollywood Blvd, where the paparazzi is waiting to take pictures of Ali, along with many fans who want her autograph. Ali happily obliges, and has Frank pose for pictures as well.

Back at the house, the tension start to heat up between Craig R. and Justin "Rated R". Craig makes it known that he is not a fan of Justin and gives him a hard time at the pool. I'm sure this is just the beginning for the entertainment wrestler. What else do you expect!? I swear the "R" in "Rated R" stands for really!? Who are you kidding? It seems like you aren't here for the are here to boost your so-called career, pal! Hopefully Ali will see through the act...but you never know. It IS a reality show!

The next stop on Ali and Frank's date is a visit to the Hollywood sign. The two admire the view of the city from the sign and discuss Frank's career. He thinks that like Ali, love is worth sacrificing a career for. The two share their first kiss (with Frank wearing some black very Corey Hart of him!!), and we see the chemistry building between them.

As the date continues into the evening, we see the rose laid out on the table. Ali tells Frank that she thinks he is funny, smart, quirky, charming and not at all normal! Another person may have questioned the last comment, but Ali says that these are all qualities she likes. Ali gives Frank a rose and says to the camera that she is crazy about him and that he exceeded her expectations. He says it was the best first date ever and she says she hopes he feels good about the time they spent together.

The second date card is for a group date. Jonathan, Ty, Chris H., Kirk, Connor, Tyler, Steve, Craig, Chris and Craig M are invited to a date with Ali. The date starts at a beach house in Malibu. The date is actually a group calendar photo shoot on the beach with the men and Ali. The "Sexy Guy" calendar will be sold to raise funds for a charity. Most of the men look hot and very ripped in their skimpy outfits...yummy beefcake! Just what the doctor ordered!!

Jonathan the weatherman is instantly afraid of looking bad in front of the other men who are in better shape. His fears increase when he sees he needs to wear a Speedo! He covers up with a floaty toy...awww Jonny! Don't by shy!! It's for a good cause!

Ty pulls out his guitar and sings for Ali. Their chemistry is evident and they get caught up in the moment. Very cute, don't you think!? ;)

Ali takes the men to a bar later in the evening for a private party. Ty has some 1-1time with Ali and he tells her about his divorce. He explains that he has learned from life lessons and she appreciates his honesty. least SOMEONE is honest on this show! Give the guy props for that.

Jonny be Good (aka - the weatherman) is still whining about Craig M. He thinks Craig is poison for Ali and goes to find Ali to chat with her about him. He interrupts her private time with Ty and gushes to her about her beauty, then talks about how nasty Craig is. He mentiones that Craig has no character and says he is dangerous and wants to fight. Afterwards, Craig asks Jonathan if he had a connection with Ali, and laughs at the thought of it.

Justin also crashes Ali's alone time and wants his own moment to talk to her. Ali thinks that Justin is genuine and wants to be there for her. She cuddles up to Justin and says she likes him and hopes that he likes her too.

The night ends with Ty receiving a rose from Ali.

Date number three is with Jesse. He receives Neil Lane cufflinks with his initial son them. Ali thinks Jesse is hot and sexy. She surprises him with a ride on a private plane, and they fly off to Las Vegas. Ali is terrified of flying, as we learned during her time on The Bachelor last season, and Jesee makes her feel safe during the flight.

Once they land in Vegas, they jump into a red Ferrari and speed down the Strip and through the desert. They go to the Aria resort and spend some time in the Liquid pool. The resort is still not open to the public, so they have the place to themselves.

Later, Jesse receives a suit from Ali for their evening date. Ali opens the curtains to reveal an amazing view of the strip in a private suite. Ali is still not sure if Jesse will receive a rose - she needs more time to get to know him.

Back at the house, Craig M. is on a rampage, putting on Jonathan's clothes and antagonizing the poor guy. His obnoxious behaviour does not go unnoticed by the others. The tension continues to worsen as the night progresses...can anyone say asshole!? Someone give him an award for drama queen of the year!

At the end of the date, Ali thanks Jesse for their great chat and she thinks he is a solid and genuine person. She gives Jesse a rose and they go to a private concert with Jamie Collum. The two of them dance and start sharing steamy kisses on the dance floor. Finally...I was beginning to wonder if this guy would ever get anything from this date!! It appears that the two have a great deal of chemistry and a lot of fun together. We'll see what happens in the future.

At the cocktail party, the men start assessing the situation. Frank already feels that he and Ali are like a couple. Ali has some 1-1 time with Chris L., who did not have a date with her that week. He is sad that they have not had any time together as of yet. Ali asks him about his family and Chris invites her to come to Cape Cod. Awww...he's a cutie! I hope her gets a date with her soon!!!

Roberto and Ali share alone time as well. Ali gushes to him about how handsome he is and how she wants to know everything about him. Ali is really into Roberto and goes to play catch with him. Roberto says he is already feeling something for Ali.

Kasey tries to have some 1-1 time with Ali, but is interrupted by Frank. The guys are jealous, as Frank already had a date and received a rose from Ali. Frank tells Ali how he misses her and that he is sad to see her with other men on dates. He kisses her in front of the other men, which just fuels the fire in the others.

Jonathan is praying to the gods that Craig M. is sent home during the next rose ceremony. Craig continues to antagonize Jonathan and everyone feels the tension boiling over. I feel like I am playing pause, then play with this tired scene. Enough already! No's a reality show...keep it coming!! LOL!!!

Jonathan finally has 1-1 time with Ali and mentions that he had another 'moment' with Craig M. He keeps telling Ali that Craig is dangerous. Ali takes Craig aside for some 1-1 time and asks him point blank if he likes her, because it doesn't seem like he is comfortable around her. She says he seems reserved and calls him out for not asking her any questions. Ali also mentions that someone called him dangerous. Craig talks fast around her and does not appear at all comfortable. He won't even look her in the eye when he talks to her. Yeah...that's sincerity, wrapped up in a nice neat double shot of whatever he keeps in his glass. I can't believe he is representing Canadian men. Where did they find him!?

Craig leaves Ali and is hell bent on finding out who said he was dangerous. He calls everyone into the room for a meeting and mentions what Ali said to him. He calls out Jonathan for the comment. Jonathan admits he does not like him, but does not admit to the comment. Craig pushes his buttons and Jonathan asks him to take accountability for his problems. Atta boy, Jonathan!! Glad to see you have balls of steel. You may need them if it gets ugly!

At the rose ceremony, the following men receive roses:

Chris L.
John C.
Craig R.
Chris N.

Poor Craig got shipped back to Canada. Shocking, isn't it!? ;) I love how his parting lines were about hoe Ali couldn't be serious with someone shorter than her, and that he hoped to meet someone on the flight home. Yeah were in it for the girl...ummm...I don't think so! I am sure that he's not as terrible as he appeared on the show...but he looked like an idiot. I don't see him having tons of women lining up to date him based on that crap-assed performance with Ali and the rest of the guys!

Well, that's it for this installment. I will be back next week to spill all about the drama that is Ali and her harem...and I must say, I DO enjoy the drama!! Hope you enjoy the next episode!!

Until next time...:)

PS...I had to add this link for all of you who didn't get enough of Craig M. from Canada! Thank you Lindsay for sending this to me...:)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

25 Men, So Little Time!! Ali's Quest For Love...:)

Hello Everyone!!

Well, better late than never! Sorry for the delay in starting my blogs for the new season. I have been busy and unfortunately, Ali's drama and boy toys had to wait a bit for me to start dishing and hissing about them!! Let's not waste any more time and get right to it!

OK...I know there are a lot of people who are not huge fans of Ali. People think she was whiny and filled with drama on Jake's season of The Bachelor, and that she dropped out of the running for his heart so that she could come back to have her own season of The Bachelorette. Well, after seeing who he chose and what has happened since then, I say you go, girl! I would have dropped him too for a chance to start fresh, Vienna-free and get all dolled up for 25 men of my own.

Didn't you just love how ABC milked all the drama-infested scenes from Ali's departure on the season premiere to start off the show? I know by now, everyone is sick of seeing her cry in the middle of the hall at the hotel, in the back seat of the limo and pouting on her balcony back in San Francisco. I knew as soon as she left last season, we would have to see that at the start of her season. I hope she leaves the crybaby behind as she dives head first into her own quest for love and lust!!

I loved when Ali pulled up to the mansion in the limo and we were able to check out what she was wearing. The necklace flowing down her back was awesome!! Many people didn't think she the dress she had on suited her, but I thought she loked like a princess! Loved the black flowy dress...she looked like a diva and ready for love!

Keep in mind that Ali is a self-professed tomboy! ABC has very wisely paired her up with a great stylist that is putting beautiful and girly dresses on her to play up the image of Ali as a beautiful, desireable lady that 25 men are willing to fight over. This also explains the hair extensions that she gave Vienna a hard time about. Let's cut the girl some slack...we know she's in it to win it...she needs to use the ammunition to make her earn bonus points in the beauty department! Anyone else they selected would have done the exact same thing!

As a side note, if anyone wants information on the outfits Ali is wearing in each episode, check out the Possessionista website. There is always a breakdown of her outfits there - who the designer is, what the cost is and where you can find similar outfits at a lower cost. I love this site and always appreciate the fashion tips! :)

I will keep my comments pretty brief on the men who were selected for this new least for this entry. Overall, I am not too impressed with many of the guys selected for this new season. I think ABC's casting department could have done a LOT better with most of the choices, but I know some people were probably selected for ratings purposes. In any event, here is my take on the men who rolled up in the limo to meet Ali for the first time (at leats the ones I can remember!):

Frank - 30 year old retail manager and aspiring screenwriter from Chicago. He is super cute and looks like he's there for Ali and to fall in love. I am looking forward to seeing how their story plays out! Loved when he came flying out the window to meet Ali.

Jay - 29 year-old lawyer. That's pretty much all I can remember. LOL!

Craig M - 34 year-old working in dental sales from Sarnia, based in T.O. He looks like Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy! I loved when he told Ali how happy he was to see her and not Vienna! He scored a brownie point on the spot with me! HAHA!!

Kyle - the 26-year-old outdoorsman from Colorado. Hunting since he was 4. I bet he wants to hunt Ali down and mount her over his fireplace! LOL!!

Justin - aka 'Rated R'. Entertainment wrestler from T.O. Anyone who is an entertainment wrestler must have a drama streak in him! I am interested in what stunts he pulls during this season. Anyone think he will try to put one of the guys or Ali in a headlock? He will definately get the sympathy card from Ali for being on crutches.

Phil - 30 year-old investment manager from Chicago. His brother died at age 22, and he shifted his priorities in life after that happened.

Jonathan - weatherman from Texas. I will go on record to say that this goober is NOT for Ali! Where do they find some of these men!?

Ty - 31 year old medical sales rep from Tennessee. Plays guitar and was divorced a few months before he came onto the show. Not sure if that's a long enough break to start looking for love again, but he's cute and I am looking forward to seeing what happens with him.

Chris L - Landscaper from Cape Cod. He was a teacher who moved home when he mom was sick. When she passed away, he stayed home and changed his profession. He was instantly one of my personal favourites. Cute as hell and had instant chemistry with Ali! Looking forward to seeing more of him and the two of them together.

Roberto - 26 year-old insurance agent. Ali and Roberto had huge sparks instantly and she thinks he is sexy. Ali calls him a cutie as soon as she meets him. I see him sticking around for a while. (Rick...if you are reading this...I told you once and I will tell you again and again...YOU should have applied to be on this season! I know you are a huge Ali fan!!)

Chris from Vancouver - she thinks he is cute. They seem very comfortable together. We'll see how long he sticks around.

Tyler - works in online advertising. He tells Ali that he's happy she's not on jake's plane right now. I wanted to say that would be impossible anyway, since Jake is too busy trying to be a reality star to even have a real job anymore...but that is neither here nor there. :)

Kirk - cute and asks Ali for a hug. He is the one who makes Ali a rose and says she deserves one of her own, since she will be busy giving out so many over the coming weeks.

John - got down on one knee and gave Ali a cubic zirconia ring. Dude...women prefer real bling! We will see how long he lasts.

Tyler - mentions to Ali that he wore red boots because she wore them when she met at Jake. Ali points out that she did not. Hmm...wonder what season he was watching when he saw the attention, pal! Not a smart move on your part.

Derek - brings Ali leaves because he saw that she made a wish using a leaf on her hometown date and he wants her to catch one and make a wish now. Awww...not Tyler could take a pointer from Derek. Clearly, he watched The Bachelor and took note of Ali's actions. Atta boy! ;)

Shooter - the one who tells her how he got his nickname. That was so painful to watch and sealed his fate instantly! Never, ever tell a girl you are trying to impress such a ridiculous story! Anyone who wants a recap, let me know and I will email you offline...lmao! Otherwise, I think you may be able to connect the dots on your own...;)

Jesse - the country boy from MO. Very cute and catches Ali's eye.

Jason - the one who does a backflip off the roof of the limo. He impresses Ali with that stunt.

After Ali meets all of the men, she goes inside for the cocktail party to try and get to know everyone better. Ali says how she has never felt more beautiful and special. I would say so...a lot of hair, makeup and style tips would make any girl feel diva glam! ABC has invested a lot into making Ali look like a princess, and it's paying off - at least in my opinion. I am an Ali fan and am sticking to that story!

Ali mentions to the cameras how she is ready to fall in love again and is looking for someone smart, funny and who treats her right. Frank steals her away for some 1-1time. The competition is already heating up...that's the way to make an impression and show Ali who is there to get to know her. He mentions that he is a huge risk-taker, and that she is very courageous for what she is doing. He ends their time with a hug and kiss on the cheek. You can tell they have a little spark already. I likey Frank...for the record. :)

Kirk also gets some time alone with Ali. He tells her how he spent 8 hours making her a scrapbook, which she loves. Ali is blown away by Kirk.

Kasey also steals Ali away for a chat and tells her he wants to protect her heart. Ali responds by saying his mama raised him well. They bond over sharing information about how their parents divorced when they were only 12years old. Is it me....or does this guy scream creeper!? I am a little weirded out by him. We'll see if my gut reaction changes over time.

Hunter catches Ali's attention by singing her a song and playing on a ukelele. This part was hysterical and I couldn't stop giggling at this point! Corny as hell and very entertaining.

Jonathan the weather monpolized time with Ali, leaving Craig M. without any time with Ali. Craig calls Jonathan out on all the verbal diarrhea. You can already feel the tension and dislike between these two men.

Roberto sneaks Ali off for 1-1 time. She calls him handsome and ask to know all about him. Her interest in Roberto is obvious. She says that she is very glad he is there to meet her and says how she wants a family filled with unconditional love. He gushes at her beauty and does a little salsa dance with her. She is totally into him!

Chris L. and Ali also enjoy a good conversation. He leaves out the information about his mother, saying that it was not first impression information, and decides to share this information with her later. Smart move. There is something about this guy that I really like...good looking and nice is always a great combination!

Ali and Justin also have some 1-1 time, where he tells her that he is an entertainment wrestler. He tells her that his stage name is "Rated R", and that his injury is from the wrestling. The men give him a hard time about his profession and think he is dishonest and there for all the wrong reasons. Hmmm...Rated R for ridiculous, in my opinion.

When Ali and Craig have their 1-1 time, he calls out the other guys and tell her that not everyone is there for the right reasons. He also gives Ali a yellow sneaker keychain, which symbolizes her favourite colour and her love for sneakers!! It's a bit cheesey, but all is fair in love and war!!! Ali is touched by the gift and his honesty, as she does not have the same insight on the men as others do.

Jesse also gives Ali a gift, which is a necklace with a heart that is in two pieces. Ali eats that up like ice cream on a crazy hot day. What girl wouldn't enjoy a gift from the 'heart'...awww, yes, I am a cornball! LOL!!

Chris Harrison, the host of the show, comes to crash the party and has the men write down the name of a person who they think is not sincere or there for the right reasons. Everyone is nervous about this, but most of the men write down Justin's name. Ali has the option of asking Justin to leave, or she could give him a rose. She decides to give Justin a rose and the chance to get to know each other better.

Ali comes to the point where she needs to give out the first impression rose. She gives it to Roberto, who she says made her feel at ease, was so sweet, and was someone she could see herself with at the end.

Finally, we get to the end of the show and the rose ceremony! Here is who Ali picks to stay on to get to know better:

Jesse Beck
Justin “Rated R” Rego
John Crivello
Kasey Kahl
Tyler Vermette
Chris Hasek-Watt (Canada)
Roberto Martinez
Chris N. (From Florida)
Jonathan Novack
Ty Brown
Kirk DeWindt
Craig Robinson
Frank Neuschaefer
Hunter Wagner
Chris Lambton
Steve Kocsis
Craig M. from Canada

Once again, I apologize for the delay in starting the blog entries! I hope you enjoyed the season premiere. I am still questioning a lot of the selections the show picked for Ali, but in watching clips of future episodes, it looks like is will be a very interesting season! Let me know who you think will be around for the long haul, and what you think of the remaining 17 men!

Until next time...stay dry, enjoy a cocktail or two and we'll catch up again for more dishing very soon!! XO