Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Telling the truth never hurt this bad!!

Well...I don't know about you...but I think that last challenge should have come with an advisory sticker...combat gear...and a TON of kleenex! What a crazy mess! Who knew that there would be such an explosive reaction to a challenge that involved telling the truth? Ummm...pretty much anyone who knows what women are like when they are dealing with anything personal. The fallout will no doubt be felt for a long time! Strap yourself in, and secure all loose items kiddies! It's gonna be a very bumpy ride!

We started the night with Wes extremely pissed off that Gia was eliminated from the house. Dave was mad at Wes for putting him in the unfortunate situation of having to choose between Gia and Elizabeth. Personally, I would have tossed Elizabeth out, but that's just my opinion. I don't know how she is still in the house! Girlfriend has got to go. I loved how Wes said to Dave "Let's not blow smoke up each other's asses." Wouldn't that be fun to see! Kind of appropriate, with all of the fireworks happening between people in the house...but it may just be me that really enjoyed that. I think Wes is very honest, but showing his feeling too often, and this is definitely a game where a poker face is key. Wes was folding his hand pretty fast...

The next challenge for the house guests is where the land mines started to explode all over the yard. Everyone had to complete a survey of questions and instructed to 'tell the truth'. You all know that truth comes consequences...and it ain't always pretty. Here's how it all went down:

Tell The Truth Game - who the majority chose:

1. Who will win the competition? Kiptyn (hardly a shock...I predicted this on the first night!)

2. Who is your biggest enemy? Krisily (hmmm...not 100% sure about this one...)

3. Who is the most self-centered? Elizabeth (again...hardly shocking to anyone. The girl has dug herself into a bit of a hole)

4. Who is the dumbest? Gwen (really? I don't think so! Can we demand a recount!?)

5. Who do you secretly have a crush on? Dave (FYI - I gave the same answer!! LOL!)

6. Who will always be a bridesmaid but never a bride? Natalie (sweetie...stop saying you ll kiss anyone for twenty bucks...then maybe you can be taken seriously as wifey material. Use the twenties to invest in a kick ass wedding dress!)

7. Who is the biggest jerk in the group? Wes (again...not sure if I can agree 100%. This is another recount I am demanding!)

8. Who has the worst boob job? Elizabeth (Kovacs..we all know why you really voted another way.

Tenley and Jesse B. (who is still one of my personal faves to win!!) won the challenge, a rose to keep them safe from elimination and the chance to pick someone for a 1-1 date. Hmmm...I wonder who they will pick!? ;)

I have to say, that was awful to watch and brutal to see the girls go through the waves of emotion after seeing their reaction to how the majority of people in the house answered. That was a nasty challenge and the overwhelming opinion from everyone who saw last night's episode was that it was a low blow. I get that it's a reality show and the concept is similar to Big Brother, but when you deal with emotions, we're all human...and people are sensitive. That hit pretty low below the belt and turned the house upside down!

The girls were extremely upset after the challenge. Elizabeth was worried that she and Kovacs would be sent home after he answered incorrectly on the last question in the game. She locks herself in the bathroom, and Kovacs goes off to comfort her and wade through the river of tears she is shedding. Better take a paddle...that girl cries a LOT!

Natalie is also upset at the outcome of the answers during the challenge. She didn't want to show herself as vulnerable, but she says she wants to be a great mom and wife. Here's hoping she stops selling her kisses long enough to accomplish that. I can understand why people see her in a certain light. The girl parties like it's 1999all the time...

The first date card comes for Tenley. Still wondering who she will pick? If you have been living at Disney World...or guessed anyone but Kiptyn, you clearly live on another planet. The girl has been crushing on him for months! They take off for a helicopter trip to Catalina Island and enjoy some zip lining, which is one of the most amazing things ever to do! I loved how Tenley compared their relationship to zip lining. I figured she would compare it to some type of cartoon or going over the rainbow in some fairy tale. She is sweet...I'll give her that...but I know she gets on a lot of people's nerves at times.

Did anyone else believe they shared their first kiss on that island? If you do...make sure to say hi to your buddies the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Not falling for it for one sec. The only thing I may believe is that they spent the night together for the first time on that island...maybe...but then again, it's Tenley. OK, maybe not. Anyway, they're a cute couple and everyone has assumed for months that they would end up together anyway. Looked like a great 'first' date...very romantic and just what Tenley needed to find out where she stands with Kiptyn.

The next date card comes for Jesse B., who decides to take Peyton alone for some 1-1 time. Peyton is excited to see what will happen on the date, as she wants some romance. They go for a ride in an old fashioned black and white plane that reminds Peyton of Pearl Harbour. Hmmm...really? Not sure where that came from! I'm glad Peyton's a cute girl...because that comment came out of left field!

I like the chemistry between these two. For a little while, it looked like they could come out of the house as a real couple. Shame the romance came to a grinding halt inside the hangar! Jesse...what happened!? I had such high hopes for you as a romancer of the ladies. First she got the rose...it seemed like a natural transition to the fantasy suite. It all went downhill once the martinis were poured. I love that Peyton made them martinis...but I thought she was going to dump it over his head once he started burping and sticking his finger up her nose! Chugging martinis is a no-no...so is treating a hottie like Peyton like one of the guys. Dave...is that part of the man code of things men should never do? Better give Jesse the manual to study before the next date! It was extremely painful to watch that date crash and burn.

The final nail in the coffin was the vodka and champagne mixture and Jesse treating Peyton like a little sister. Not surprised she shot down the fantasy suite invite.
I loved when they came back to the house early and everyone knew the fantasy suite was not used. Like Dave said so eloquently...Jesse B. and Peyton are like vodka and champagne - they don't mix! How incredibly appropriate.

Finally, we get to the next elimination day/ceremony. I love watching everyone plot to figure out who to eliminate. Things are starting to get nasty and everyone wants to start breaking up the power couples, especially Kovacs and Elizabeth. The votes are getting split between Wes and Kovacs for the men, and the girls are getting paranoid about who will vote them out. Gwen is the huge wild card because no one really knows her. Maybe that's because she hasn't said much since the date with the Weatherman!

At the rose ceremony, Krisily and Wes are eliminated. It's true what they say...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and lied to by a man she has a secret crush on. Never think you are safe...especially when there is a lot of money on the line!

I have to admit that Dave lying to Krisily about her being safe from elimination was ridiculous. Obviously, she is going to be pissed off and hold a grudge...and eventually, that will come back to bite him hard! The evicted house guests are the ones to vote for the winner during the finale. Why bite the hand that pays you a cheque for $250,000!? Not a smart move, my cute little badass. Dave already has several people who have been eliminated that have a reason to vote against him.

Krisily's exit speech was right on the money. She was honest and spewed out everything others watching the show were thinking. If everyone was smart, they would knock off the couples one by one. I can't WAIT to see her lose it on the finale...here's hoping everyone who got kicked out of the house has a chance to ask questions and say what they are thinking and feeling to the remaining people in the competition.

I hope you enjoyed last night's episode as much as I did. This show is feeding my reality TV addiction big time. I hate that it will be ending in a few short weeks....but in the meantime...we have a big episode coming up next week to get all hot and bothered about! Let me know your thoughts on which women will get the boot at the beginning of the show. The drama is crazy, the people are insane at times...but I wouldn't want it any other way! Mike Fleiss...you're a crazy genius! I am ridiculously addicted...and I like it! ;)

Until next time...stay out of trouble...enjoy the last week of summer leading up to the long weekend, and we'll dish it out again next week! XO

Monday, August 23, 2010

A kiss is never just a kiss...it's a smackdown for a rose!

Hello everyone! I couldn't resist coming back to blog about the funniest, craziest and slam the front door shut most addictive reality show to air during the summer months! I laughed, everyone in the house cried, and it still ended with the resident hottie Gia being sent home too soon. You knew it was coming though, after last week's crazy turn of events! Grab your libation of choice and let's get this party started!

I think I speak for everyone else that watched last week when I say we knew the writing was on the wall for Gia after she backdoored Craig M. and gave Wes the rose, sealing Craig's fate in the house. The dust barely settled on the last rose ceremony when the girls started analyzing who had the swing vote in the rose ceremony. Nikki admitted to being the one who voted Craig M. out, causing drama with Gia. Gia already knows she has a huge target on her back, and that several of the men want her out. Gia feels that Dave, Kiptyn and Kovacs will vote her off, so she needs to win the next challenge to save herself. I never thought a rose would double as a life jacket for someone who was on a sinking ship, but in this game, grab it and hold on for dear life, or risk getting sent home to the real world!

The house guests find out that the new challenge is a kissing contest. Sounds like grade school to most people...although I doubt that kiddies were kissing like this in school! I was surprised at some of the people who stepped up to this challenge in the hopes of winning the rose! Then again...$250,000 is a massive incentive for someone to give a lip smackdown for the cause! Hold on to your Chapstick, playas...it's gonna be a sloppy ride!! ;)

The girls were up first to be blindfolded and get kissed by the guys, and then would vote on who was the best kisser from the group. I loved how Natalie said she would kiss any of the men in the house for $20.00. That girl is crazy and hysterical! Some online even say a little bit cheap and trashy, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to the money and who will represent for the cause. Money talks...or screams bloody murder in some instances. Gia, on the other hand, was really uncomfortable, as she has a boyfriend back home. Ah, Gia...sweet Gia...why bother coming on a show like Bachelor Pad, where you know there will be hookups, drama, romance and kissing!? Definitely not the place for someone in a committed relationship! Natalie totally nailed it when she said "Don't come on a show where there will be romantic competitions and cry about it." Strike two, sweetheart. Better step up or start packing.

The kissing competition was a riot...very steamy...and sloppy as hell! It was so obvious that the girls were really getting into the kisses from Wes, Dave and Jesse B. They were very confident about their kissing abilities and it paid off. Nikki and Natalie especially liked the steamy kisses. I knew Natalie would...she was enjoying everything about the challenge! LOL. I have to admit, I haven't really been a huge fan of Wes since Jillian's season of The Bachelorette, and Dave and his man code drove everyone crazy, but Wes has started to grow on me. Maybe it's the mad crush he has on Gia...or the fact that he adds drama to any situation. Dave is just ridiculously hot. Period. Man code long forgotten...LOL! As for Jesse, I don't know a girl around that didn't have a crush on him during Ali's season that blew up into mad lust when he came onto this show. The guy is insanely attractive...add a layer of sweetness, and all the ladies turn into mush. I love it! Hope this sweetie sticks around for a while. :)

Sorry...I got severely sidetracked! Let's talk about the other guys and their performance. Did anyone else notice that they didn't show too many of the kisses from Kiptyn and Kovacs? Naturally, they showed Kovacs kissing Elizabeth...you knew her head would spin in both directions over that steamy buss. I am still trying to figure out how these two hooked up! The girl comes off on television as the reincarnation of the Exorcist that has a nasty run in with Glenn Close's character from Fatal Attraction. I know that we shouldn't believe everything on TV, as it's part of the drama...but sweetie, you look like a hot, messy freak to everyone watching the show! They also showed Kiptyn and Tenley's "first kiss". Aaaahhh...my sweet little Tenley. I adored her on Jake's season of The Bachelor and I am also one of the people who hoped that she would meet Kiptyn and they would end up together. I just think that she is a bit too jealous and territorial (well...as much as Tenley could be!). Let's face it...this is a show where someone will win $250,000.00. If they want to hook up before or after the money is won, go for it. In the house, it seems like you do what you have to in order to keep your eye on the prize. Anything goes DEFINITELY applies on this crazy show!

It would be so wrong for me to forget to give Jonathan the resident Weatherman an honourable mention for his performance as well. Jonathan is not finding any love in this house, and it carries into the kissing challenge as well. Elizabeth took it way too far with the gagging after she kissed him. I won't go into detail about this, but the girl could take a lesson in class. Seriously. Get over it and play like a big girl. When the show plays back for everyone to see...it won't be pretty and actions speak louder than words. Or gagging noises.

Jonathan, on the other hand, was beyond excited to be able to kiss the ladies in the house. I loved the reactions he had from some of the steamy kisses, especially Natalie and Peyton. Shame he couldn't have been able to have that cold shower he wanted and needed! Poor Weatherman. I always like an underdog...but you were outplayed and outkissed in this game, buddy. I see a cute weather girl in your future...she's out there...I promise!! ;)

I wasn't surprised at the fact that Ashley bailed on the competition. As a teacher, it's understandable that you want to portray yourself as a good role model for the kids you teach, and that's cool. I respect that immensely. However, if you know what the show will be like and the fact that there is a possibility of having to deal with romantic challenges and possibly compromising situations, why bother coming on? Not a good way to put yourself in the running for the coveted prize at the end...just sayin'.

Gia bailing on the challenge was another huge surprise. The fact that she came on the show while in a committed relationship was also surprising. Gia would have known that there would be situations like the kissing challenge she would have to deal with. On top of that, why bail halfway through the competition if you decided to participate? She had to know that the guys would kick each other out of line to kiss her!! The girl looks like a supermodel...why not enjoy the challenge and the kissing? Instead, we saw weak kisses that were watered down out of respect to Gia, according to her. BOO. This is a competition for a huge pile of money...do what you gotta do, or go home. Plain and simple. Sink or swim..and you better swim hard and step up to any challenge thrown your way. I'll come back to Gia later.

It was time for the girls to step up and kiss the guys. My girl Tenley came out, guns blazing and threw down a serious kiss on Jesse B. I honestly did not think she knew how to give anything but butterfly kisses! I was fighting the urge to brush my teeth a thousand times during the challenge, but I was giving virtual knuckles to Tenley for being a willing participant and remembering why she was in the house and on the show. Well done, Tenley...well done!

I have to talk about the hot mess that was in the form of Elizabeth's kiss for Jesse B. Was that a slam dunk, or a kiss? I thought she was going to knock him over! As Wes said, it was violent. Totally appropriate, given this situation and the person giving the kisses. Wow.

After Gia bailed on the competition, she had a breakdown and mentioned how everyone was acting like a porn star and that she would rather be sent home because she had a boyfriend. Again...why go on a show when you have a man in your life? Bachelor Pad is just how it sounds...a place where there can be potential for crazy games, hookups and a ton of drama. Why leave a relationship to get thrown into temptation? It didn't make any sense. I really like Gia, but she was digging a really deep hole for herself that she wasn't going to be able to get out of without a ton of help..enter Wes! That guy was practically drooling over her.

After all the kissing, dissing and rehydrating took place, the voting took place for the best kissers. Dave and Peyton took first place, getting a rose and a date with three people of their choice. Dave had the first date, and was able to take three of the women to Las Vegas. Dave chose Nikki, who he says has class, Krisily and Natalie, who is ready to get crazy and God knows what else with him! I can't imagine her as the Bachelorette. I think it would be like Big Brother...where you could watch on Showtime and see The Bachelorette After Dark! You just know that once this show ends, Natalie will end up on another reality show. I see it happening! ;)

The foursome head to Sin City, straight to the Mirage and the Bare (topless) pool. They have the place to themselves, and Nat is ready for some fun and action. Needless to say, once she whipped off her bikini top, it was a no brainer who would receive the rose and chance to stay in the fantasy suite with Dave. The other girls were sent back to the mansion, and Natalie and Dave spend the evening getting to know each other on the overnight date. They come back as a secret couple, so that's probably what they talked about in the room. Sure...that's what happened...they talked. Honestly, who cares what happened. It's Bachelor Pad. It's a game of anything happening in any given situation.

Next up is Peyton's date with the men she picked - Kovacs, Kiptyn and Jesse B. I love that Jesse got excited that he was chosen for the date, as he always had a crush on Peyton. The three of them take off for some drag car racing, leaving Tenley and Elizabeth back at the house feeling the green monster coming in to rear it's ugly and jealous head. Ladies...it's a game. Let the boys be boys and have fun. Get over it. They can buy you something pretty with part of the money they have a chance to win at the end of this show! I am tired of seeing Elizabeth crying for every little thing too. Pass her a tissue and tell her to get over it. It's reality TV. You're there for a good time...not a long time. Have fun and don't sweat every little thing about Kovacs!

I won't dish too much about the date...I think Peyton already knew that Kiptyn and Kovacs had their loyalty to Tenley and Elizabeth. The focus on this date was definitely on the chemistry between Peyton and Jesse. I like them together, and think that they have potential to be a couple outside the show. There is talk they they already are...and if that's the case, good for them. They seem like they compliment each other well and have the same laid-back personalities. Hard to find on a show like this. Jesse gets the rose and offer to stay in the fantasy suite (aka - master bedroom in the house. ABC, could you not spring for a suite at a boutique hotel nearby? Hope you step it up for next week's dates!!).

I want to ask if anyone else gagged over Wes singing that infamous song again to Gia...but the better question to ask is who DIDN'T gag!? Wes...that act was played in Jillian's season. Recycling your game is tired, especially when it's for a girl in a relationship. In any event, there is no doubt or question that Wes and Gia had a strong connection. The question is how it was defined. For a woman who has a man in her life, she had no problem snuggling up to him in bed...as friends. Whatever...I can overlook that...what I can't ignore is the Shakespeare comment! Wes is a modern day Shakespeare...but better and cuter! How many times will that come back to haunt you, girlfriend!? It's part of every Bachelor Pad blog online...so I had to join the cool kids and throw in in mine too. That's the line of the night and the benchmark for future episodes. Thanks for leaving your stamp on this episode. Funny as hell. I appreciated the giggle!!

I had to give Wes some credit for running around like a chicken on crack, trying to get the girls to break up the couples in the house and vote out some of the men who are key players in the game. In the end, it didn't matter, as the rose ceremony brought the demise of the Weatherman and our pinup girl Gia, who lost in a tie breaker against Elizabeth. The forecast is still sunny, but without our very fashionable diva. I have to say, I am really surprised she was cut this early. Just goes to show you that love from the houseguests don't always come easy...especially from Dave, who gave the deciding vote. Dave was upset Wes put him in the difficult situation of having to be the one to vote out one of the ladies. You know that there will be fallout from that next week!

I don't know about you, but I am already excited to see what happens on the next episode! This show is sinfully good, decadent, crazy, and insane fun. Exactly what the doctor ordered to pimp up our Monday nights. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I love to dish about our guilty new pleasure in the Bachelor franchise! Take care and see you next week!!

Until next time...XO

Friday, August 20, 2010

On sabbatical from blogging...back soon!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having an amazing summer! I have been really busy with work, travel and all fun things in between, so I had to take a break from completing the blogging for Ali's Bachelorette season, which was a real shame. It was a fabulous season filled with enough drama, romance, heartache and handsome men to fill a football stadium! Best season ever! I promise that I will start blogging again for the next installments of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I really love blogging, and it's so deliciously entertaining, so I will never give it up! :)

In the meantime, hope you are loving Bachelor Pad as much as I am! I will try to add some entries for this kick ass show starting next week. Mike Fleiss hit a home run with this crazy show. I love seeing all the former contestants, and the hotness factor is through the roof! Who doesn't want to look at Jesse Beck, Kiptyn, Dave and Jesse Kovacs for 2 hours every week!? I was really hoping a few of the men from Ali's season would be there as well...but there is always Season 2! Here's hoping...:)

Hope you enjoy the blog entries that are currently on the site. Take care, enjoy the rest of your summer, and I'll be back soon with some Bachelor Pad updates!

Until next time...XO