Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Eyes, Crybabies and Lovelines...Just another day in Bachelorville!

Hello lovelies!  What a crazy night of Bachelor drama in Casa Cuckoo last night!!  From mysterious black eyes to stalkerazzis and crybabies, poor Brad is smart to have a therapist on site!  My head was spinning between Michelle's mysterious war wound, Chantal O. and Ashley H's crying fits and the long drop down that skyscraper!  Repelling is not my idea of a hot date...I have a crazy fear of heights.  However, Michelle is right about ONE thing...you definitely need to take a leap of faith when it comes to love, so who am I to say whether or not I would have strapped on that harness and scaled down the building like Spiderman!?  I have done crazy things in my life, as well.  OK, get your drinks of choice and let's get this party started!

What were you all thinking when Michelle showed up with a black eye!?  Many people have told me that they would have loved to have been the one to slug her....LOL!  I personally wouldn't put it past her to give herself a shiner...the girl is certifiable and is inching closer to the psycho from Single White Female (think of Jennifer Jason Leigh's character!).  Her excuse about it being a stress wound is laughable.  The only stress I would see is for whoever had to share a room with Lulu Looney.  Wrap yourself in bubble wrap before bunking down for the night!  What's that song from the 80's..."The Freaks Go Out at Night"...yeah, 'nuff said.  Michelle is my definition of a freak! 

The first 1-1 date goes to Chantal, who gets a date card with "How deep is your love" written on it.  Naturally, Michelle is pissy that she doesn't get the date with Brad, and when he comes to the house, she lets him know that she woke up with a black eye.  I would love to know what he really thought of that little disaster.  Hopefully, someone will ask him on "The Women Tell All" episode!! Chantal and Brad leave by helicopter for Catalina Island, where they walk on the ocean floor.  Chantal is very scared of deep water, but decides to go in because Brad's worth it. 

Back at the house, the second date card comes and it's a group date.  Michelle mentions that is she doesn't get the other 1-1 date, Brad may get a black eye.  I think Brad needs to invest in a good mouth guard, boxing gloves, and have a quick practice sparring session with Mike Tyson.  He'll need to protect himself from Michelle's right hook!!  Michelle doesn't like being compared to Chantal.  She thinks Chantal should go home, and it loud and very focused on Brad.  Ummm...last time I checked, Michelle was loud, annoying, and obsessed with Brad!  I would take Chantal with Brad any day over the resident stalkerazzi!  I am still wondering how she made it past the screening process for the show.  There must be a clause stating at least one girl for each season has to be borderline psychotic.  My guess.  I wonder how far off I am about that.  ;)

Back on the island, Brad and Chantal get a lot closer and discuss Chantal's first marriage.  We find out that Chantal was married for 4.5 years, and with her ex for 10 years.  She wants to get married again and start a family, and she learns that Brad wants the same things.  Chantal apologizes for slapping Brad the first time they met.  Brad likes her playfulness and feels like they have known each other for years.  He offers her a rose, and she accepts.  Cue the rain and you have the two of them moving their make out session indoors for the rest of the night.

The next day, the ladies on the group date are taken to meet Brad for a live radio show with Psycho Mike and Dr. Drew, called Loveline.  The show is about relationships and dating, and I guess since Brad has been in therapy and meets with a therapist on the show, it's fitting that the ladies have a chance to talk about how they are feeling through their journey on the show.  It was interesting to see how everyone opened up about their emotions and relating to Brad.  I was surprised that anyone came forward to admit that they had cheated in a relationship.  Stacey was the only one to admit that she cheated in the past.  Let's be honest...I'm sure several of the ladies were guilty of something in past relationships...but to open up in front of everyone about doing this is like putting fuel on a forest fire!  I don't think Stacey will last very long in the running for Brad's heart.

Brad did a great job of making the ladies feel comfortable enough to open up in front of Mike and Dr. Drew, and encourages the ladies to take the time to open up to him, and learn from his past mistakes.  A lot of raw emotions were played out on this part of the date, and the vulnerability and honesty comes through regarding how nervous the ladies are to tell Brad how they feel about him.  Britt took the time to open up and tell Brad she had a crush on him, and he sees the extent of her vulnerability.  I think that the women who take the time to express their emotions and thoughts will be the one to last the longest in the house.

Later in the evening, Brad and the ladies go back to the house and enjoy time in the hot tub.  The ladies are talking about how nice it was that Brad really opened up to them during the radio show.  We also see Ashley H. start her downward spiral into Crazy Town!  She starts to freak out about getting alone time with Brad, and cuts in on his time with the other ladies to whine and make sure he's still into her.  She interrupted a moment Brad had with Britt that ended in a steamy kiss that she called him out on.  Umm..sweetheart...if you start to act whiny and needy, he won't be that into you!  Have you not read the book and watched the movie!?  In any event, young Ms. Ashley is on a downward spiral that pisses off the ladies and makes her a target for what not to act like in the bachelorette house.  The crying fits are annoying too.  I'm shocked she isn't the spokeperson for Kleenex by now!!  Give her an endorsement, already  :(

Back at the mansion, the last date card arrives and it's a 1-1 date with Michelle and Brad.  The card reads 'Let's Hang Out Together".  I LOVED when Chantal O. pointed out that this was the only card that didn't have a reference to love in it.  As you can imagine, this sets our resident cuckoo bird into a tailspin and she over analyzes the card.  Darling Chantal...you scored serious brownie points with me!!  ;)

Brad comes to the hot tub and is clearly about to give the rose to Ashley, but changes his mind after she clams up about what's bothering her.  He takes Britt aside and offers her the rose instead.  Little Ashley...you just signed your eventual ticket out of the house.  If you don't grow up, you're done....finished.  Adios, sista!  Who blows a rose opportunity!?

The next day, Michelle is ready for her 1-1 date, but Brad pulls Ashley H. aside to talk to her first about what happened the night before.  He's concerned that Ashley's actions will cause what connection they have to be lost and he doesn't want that to happen.  He tells her to share how she is feeling, and not to hold back in the future.

In the meantime, Michelle is pissed by having to wait for Brad to finish his conversation with Ashley and complains about it.  I loved that Chantal called her out for what she did on the group date while filming the PSAs, telling her she created a scene in front of everyone.  She walked off the set, causing Brad to leave the women and deal with her childish behaviour.  Michelle tries to defend herself, but Chantal squashes that.  God, I love Chantal for being ballsy and standing up to that brat!  We should start a pool to see how long Michelle and her crappy attitude will last in the house.  Let me know if there are any takers on this!!  ;)

Once Brad and Michelle leave the house, she complains to him that everyone was talking about what happened to Ashley H. the night before.  He takes her to his house, and they are picked up be helicopter and taken to a skyscraper downtown L.A.   The date involves repelling down the side of a building to a pool at the bottom, where they will have the other part of their date.  Michelle freaks out, as she is terrified of heights, but straps on the harness and gets ready to repel down with Brad.  Brad also admits that he is terrified to do this, but they end up finishing the task and getting closer as a result.

Brad tells Michelle that he's very proud of her for doing this with him, and that this was an overwhelming bonding experience for them.  They dive into the pool, drink champagne and make out...typical things to do after scaling a skyscraper in L.A.!!  ;)

Later in the evening, Brad asks Michelle if other men have been around her daughter since her divorce, and she mentions that a few have met her.  Brad says he would like to meet her, as well.  Michelle tells Brad that she doesn't see him with anyone but her.  Of course she says that...she's perfect!!  Brad gives her the rose and she accepts.

The next night is the cocktail party, and Brad is making an effort to pull aside the women who didn't have a chance to go on a date with him, to reassure them they are important and he's happy they are still there.  Brad makes a special effort with Emily, taking her aside and recreating the scene in the barn with her by bringing a blanket, pillows and wine, to re-establish the connection with her.  As a woman, I can see why the ladies were pissed off about this.  He doesn't go above and beyond for anyone else in the 1-1 time, but no one dared to interrupt.  It's obvious that Brad has a serious connection with Emily. 

While I personally love this, as she is my favourite on the show, it's still a show with many other women involved and it's highly unfair to make others watch this go down.  Chantal goes into another tailspin after this happens, and has a crying fit.  She goes to find Brad and tells him how concerned she is about his connections with women in the house who are emotionally unstable.  She also says she's got strong feelings for him, but needs to be reassured by him.  In return, he tells her that he loves how she is independent, not needy, and keeps him on his toes.  Take THAT, Ashley H! 

Finally, we get to the rose ceremony.  Chantal, Britt and Michelle already have roses.  The remaining roses go to: Ashley S, Alli, Emily, Shawntel N, Lisa, Jackie, Marrissa and...wait for it...Ashley H!  Brad sends Meghan, Stacey (the cheater) and Lindsay home.

I think Brad made a mistake in keeping Ashley H.  The girl is needy, whiny and unpredictable.  While I think Michelle is a psychotic mess, I like the drama factor and am curious to see if she spars with Chantal in the future!  No doubt she'll dig her own hole and fall into it and off the show, but it's entertaining to see what ridiculous escapades she gets involved in.  As we saw from the previews, the next round of dates take place in Las Vegas!  I can't wait to see what drama unfolds next week!

Well, that's it from me.  Thanks for all of your comments and feedback, as well as your entertaining messages during the show.  I read everything and respond to your hilarious comments, and will always continue to encourage you to contact me.  I love writing the blog, and it's refreshing to know there are so many others who enjoy the show, and read my entries on a regular basis.  To be honest, this is why I keep writing on a weekly basis.  Thanks for the support and I will meet you back here next week!

Until next time... 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Kiss From a Rose, Badass Bachelorettes and Romance, Bachelor Style!

Well, I don't know about you, but I think Michelle seems WAY too obsessed with Brad!  Maybe that's the understatement of the night...the girl is CUCKOO!  What's up with the Fatal Attraction creeping and being jealous of a little competition?  Last time I checked, there was a house full of women fighting over Brad!  Michelle, get a clue.  Now that you're 30 (in case you forgot...Michelle celebrated a birthday. Yup, she's still a dirty thirty!), maybe it's time to act your age and be a big girl.  There was enough drama, tears and fight scenes to make even the biggest soap opera fan proud of last night's episode.  Grab your combat gear and let's get this party started! 

The first date of the night was given to Ashley S.  I loved when she said "What am I gonna wayer!?"  Love her southern accent....but personally, I think it's hysterical when people think Canadians have an accent.  No one can beat our "Ooot and aboot!"  Haha, sorry, digressing for a second.  Brad took Ashley to Capitol Records so they could record a song together.  I know that a lot of people have mixed feelings about last night's 1-1 date with Ashley S. and Brad.  Singing Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" in a recording booth may not be everyone's idea of a romantic date, but he selected that especially for her, based on her love for Batman movies and that she used to sing this song with her father, who passed away two years ago.  Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that those memories trigger tons of emotions, and this date was no different for Ashley. 

I am the first to admit that the recording they made was baaadd!!  Sorry Brad...you're easy on the eyes, but dogs were baying at the moon while you both sang!  Maybe it would have helped if he was dressed up as Batman, and Ashley rocked out in a Batgirl costume.  I have to give them both credit for facing their fears and doing something like that together.  It's moments like these that bring people together, let their guard down and create special experiences together.  I also have to admit that I am really liking the fact that Brad is making the effort this season to create a very comfortable environment for the girls to relax and be themselves with him.  This in turn has also allowed him to be natural and open up to them, as well.  Nice to see!

Once that awkward moment was over, Brad surprised Ashley with a private performance by Seal.  I am a huge Seal fan, and the man can sing!  It was sweet to watch Ashley get emotional while he sang.  I like her, and it's obvious that Brad does too.  She'll probably stick around for a while. The date continued later with dinner on the roof, and a little dancing, a little kissing, and Ashley gets a rose from Brad.  I'm not sold yet on Ashley being a potential soul mate for Brad, but you can see that they have a natural chemistry, and Brad thinks she's very sweet and charismatic.  We'll have to wait and see how this plays out for them.

The second date was a group date with Brad to film an action adventure movie.  It comes as no surprise that Michelle is whining yet again about how she has to share Brad with the rest of the women on the group date.  I don't know what world she lives in...but in the real world, after seeing someone twice, and being on a reality show where 30 women are competing for the affections of one man, you don't get the man all to yourself!  Does Michelle live in a creeper bubble?  I'm starting to wonder. 

The ladies watch as Brad is attacked by several actors on the movie set, then find out that they will each be filming their own scenes.  The person who does the best job will film a scene at the end with Brad.  We see the gloves come off, and kick come into high gear as everyone shoots their scenes.  It's a shame Keltie had to miss this date.  No doubt her kicks would have been the best!    I loved watching Chantal O. channel her inner Angelina Jolie during her fight scene.  Chantal seems like a very cool woman with a tough persona, but she needs more 1-1 time with Brad, so we can see what other qualities she has.  Michelle definitely stepped up her game, in order to get the last scene with Brad.  In the end, Shawntel impressed Brad the most, and she was given the last scene with him. The fact that she got to film multiple takes of kissing Brad was way too much for Michelle.  I thought her head was going to spin around, Linda Blair style from The Exorcist!  LOL! 

Did any of you get grossed out listening to Michelle talk about giving Brad sensual, sexy, slippery kisses!?  That girl is one straight jacket away from the psych ward!  I get that she is into Brad...but it's become an obsession of ridiculous proportions and I don't see the attraction to her.  I guess every season has to have the token crazy girl.

The date continues into the evening with a rooftop after party.  Brad and Chantal finally get some alone time, where she breaks down and says she doesn't feel very special to him in a sea of other women,  She also tells him about her past with her biological father, who she hadn't talked to in 15 years.  When she finally reached out to him, she found out he passed away months before.  She finally has a connection with Brad, and (shocker!), they have a make out session.  I wonder if Brad carries around a few tubes of lip balm for each of the dates?  I'll check into that!

Back at the house, Emily tells the girls about her past and that her fiance died in a plane crash.  Emily knows she has to tell Brad about what happened, and that she has a daughter, but she's worried about how he will react.  She also questions if she can keep her nerves in check.  The girls are very emotional upon hearing Emily's story and cry along with her, and Madison starts to question the reasons why she is  part of this whole experience. 

Back at the party, the girls are fighting for time with Brad.  Michelle continues her rant about how she has to wait to have some private time with Brad, and decides to creep in and interrupt Brad's alone time with Alli.  She lurks in the corner, Glenn Close style, then swoops in for the kill! (think Fatal Attraction!!  This girl just needs a crazy blonde wig and a HUGE knife!!)  I personally find her very rude and annoying, with an agenda of her own.  I understand that you need to be a little assertive in a situation like this...but she's just being a royal pain in the butt to everyone else, and comes off as a stalker.  End of story.  She plays the "I feel selfish leaving my daughter behind" card, to gain sympathy from Brad.  Crazy part is, he falls for it and kisses her.  Maybe he likes psychos.  Guess time will tell.

The only great thing out of the night is that Brad ends up giving the rose to Shawntel, who happily accepts.  I thought Michelle's head was going to spin off her head, and that she was going to spit venom!  She thinks she's way above the women in the house, and that in the end she'll end up with Brad, making babies in Tahiti.  Ummm...Michelle...maybe the Easter Bunny, Great Pumpkin and Holiday Armadillo will come to your wedding, and be in the bridal party too!  The girl's a Fruit Loop short of a box of cereal!  Get a clue, sweetheart!

The last date is with Emily.  Brad plans a very romantic day for them, and he's been attracted to her since they met.  He hopes that she will open up to him, as she has been very private until now.  I had to laugh when Emily was referred to as an "itsy bitsy Barbie doll with a soul of Mother Theresa."  Obviously, you can't hate Mother Theresa, so it's clear that the girls really like Emily.  Brad takes Emily to a private jet that will fly them to their destination.  Problem is, she's afraid to fly and Brad doesn't know her fiance died in a plane crash.  Emily took one for the team, to spare Brad's feelings because he was excited about the plane ride and tried to stay calm.

Once they get to the winery, Brad tries to get Emily to open up about her personal life, but she keeps deflecting the personal questions.  I can't say that I blamed her, as she doesn't know how he will react to her story.  Brad asks her about her best date and she says being with her best friend.  She tells him that she has only been in one serious relationship, but that she has dated from time to time.  Brad is really confused as to why she won't open up to him, as he really wants a romantic connection with Emily.  he's concerned that if he can't get her to break down her walls, they won't be able to get close.

Brad surprises Emily with a romantic dinner, and she finally mentions the 'elephant' in the room.  She talks about how she has only loved one man and that he was the love of her life.  They were engaged when she was a teenager.  He was a race car driver, and she travelled with him everywhere.  The one Sunday she didn't go with him, he died in a plane crash.  Five days later, she found out she was pregnant, and now she has a 5 year old daughter.  Emily apologized to Brad for not telling him sooner, but she said she wanted him to get to know her without hearing everything else that happened in her life.

Brad could have reacted a number of different ways in this situation, and I give him huge brownie points for putting Emily at ease when he said he was flattered that she thought highly enough of him to tell her story.  He tells her he likes her even more now.  It is so nice to see Emily's walls come down and enjoy her time with Brad. 

I have said this from the first episode, but I think Emily is amazing.  She has been through a lot in her young life, and is a strong, compassionate and loving person.  Brad sees all of these qualities in her early on, and I think they would make an amazing couple.  It's nice to see Brad tell her how much her likes her and how badly he wants her to accept the rose.  There's no other way to describe it...he's a smitten kitten.  There.  I said it!  He tells her it was the perfect date, and I have to agree.  I see Emily staying around for a very long time.  He even goes as far as saying she is the type of person he would see a future with.  Do you think she's getting kicked off the show any time soon?  Didn't think so.  ;)

I am going to skip quickly over the scene with the therapist coming to visit Brad.  We already know that Brad has spent a lot of time in therapy dealing with issues form the past.  I did like the fact that the therapist told Brad he needs to keep creating situations that the women would feel comfortable enough to open up to him.  Also, by allowing himself to open up to the ladies, they in turn will open up to him.  He spoke about his romantic date with Emily and the intense connection he had with her.  Because of the environment he created for Emily, she was able to finally open up and talk to him about the past.  That is a huge hurdle for anyone who has been through trauma, and I was impressed that Brad was able to have that breakthrough with Emily.

Finally, we arrive at the cocktail party.  Brad is excited to spend time with the ladies, and they are anxious to have alone time with him.  Alli opens up to Brad about her family and talks about how her father cheated on her mother.  Brad says he would never do that and trust is huge with him.  Brad and Chantal share more alone time and continue to have a strong connection.  Once again, Michelle swoops in to steal Brad for 1-1 time.  Chantal lets the other girls know what happened.

I love how Michelle used her alone time to tell Brad they were in a fight because he kissed Chantal after he kissed her.  I feel like a need to act out some scenes for her using sock puppets.  It's a show about finding love among 30 women.  It's not rocket science...she's not the only one there, even if she thinks she is!  Brad tells her that he likes to seize moments with the women when he can and kisses others when the moment arises.  What drives me crazy is that he likes the fact that she wants his time.  He actually likes how she's acting!  I have to question that...not very smart on his part, but here's hoping she creates her own undoing on the show.

Madison opens up and tells Brad that she is seriously considering leaving the house.  She came to find love, but she feels that others are so much more invested into the experience than she is.  She doesn't want to take a rose away from a person who genuinely wants to be there.  Brad asks her to think about it until after the cocktail party. 

Ashley is also having doubts about staying in the house.  Brad feels her pulling away, and give her a huge kiss to reassure her that he wants her to stay,  I think Michele should take a cue from these girls and see if it helps her get a 1-1 date!  LOL!

We arrive at the rose ceremony.  Ashley, Shawntel and Emily already have roses.  Brad starts to hand out roses, and Madison leaves the room.  Brad follows her, and she tells him that she has decided to leave the house.  She would have a hard time taking a rose away from someone who wants to be there to fall in love with him.  He is disappointed, but commends her for her decision. 

I have to say, I personally have changed my mind about Madison.  She was very mature and honest about her decision, and wasn't dramatic about it.  It just shows that this experience wasn't really for her, and rather than drag it our further, she left on her terms and told Brad how she felt.  I have a lot of respect for that and hope she finds happiness away from the show.

The roses go to:

Michelle, Chantal O, Lisa, Jackie, Ashley H., Marissa, Britt, Alli, Lindsay, Meagan, Stacey

Kimberly and Sarah P. did  not receive a rose. 

OK, that's it for this week.  Thanks for your comments, emails, and messages to me during  and after the show.  I love hearing from people and am always happy to answer your questions!  Have a great week and stay out of trouble!  ;)

Until next time...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Midways, PSAs, a Pretty Woman and A Lotta Drama! Bring On The First Dates!

Hello lovelies!  What a crazy episode!  Was anyone else sick of hearing Michelle go on...and on...and on.......and ON!..about how it was her 30th birthday!?  Honestly, I needed to be medicated to get through that part of the show!  Wow.  In case you didn't watch the show, get the memo or attend the VIP party...Michelle had a birthday.  She turned 30.  She was a diva.  OK...that pretty much covers it!  LOL.  Aside from that, the episode did not disappoint.  There was a lot of drama, kissing, dissing and hissing!  Perfect combination for a reality show.  Grab your drinks and let's get down to business!

The first 1-1 date for the episode went to Ashley H, who I think is cute as a button and a good fit for Brad.  I love how cute she looked in her dress, although it was a bit too much of a bridesmaid style for my taste.  Brad, on the other hand, was insanely hot in his suit!  I think he got better looking over the last three years!  Wow.  OK, I will stop drooling now.  I love how he whisked her off to the woods, where it was pitch black, and had her flip a switch to produce a private midway.  It was sweet, very private and suited her fun personality.  It was obvious that Ashley put Brad at ease and allowed him to relax and be himself while he got to know Ashley better. 

The photo booth was a cute touch.  Where else but on The Bachelor could you enjoy cotton candy, wine and tons of kisses at the same time!?  I know that never happened at the local midways in Ontario!  LOL.  I like the dynamic between the two of them, but it was eerie how much they had in common when it came to their absentee fathers.  Ashley mentioned how her father was never really around for most of her life and that she had no idea where he was.  Brad told Ashley how his father left when he was young and dealt with addiction issues.  He told her that his father showed him what he doesn't want to become in life. It was nice to see Brad's walls come down and see the comfort level growing with Ashley.  Naturally, he gave her a rose, and she happily accepted.  The two of them end the date by riding the ferris wheel and making out.  Typical scene out of most teen movies...but none of them ever had a ferris wheel all to themselves.  First victory goes to my girl Ashley.  She got the rose, the cotton candy, great use out of her lip gloss AND the man.  A good night all around.  ;)

The second date was a group date with Brad and 15 of the ladies.  Brad had everyone meet him to shoot a series of PSAs for the American Red Cross.  The theme was "Love is a Two-Way Street", and the girls had to get into wardrobe and learn their lines from scripts created for the taping.  Some of the girls got to wear very sexy outfits, while others like Keltie were stuck in very unflattering clothing.  How ironic is this for the Radio City Rockette!!  This is the date where we see the full extent of Michelle's whiny, high maintenance attitude, as she complains about having to share Brad with 14 other women on her 30th birthday.  Here we go...the first of 1,000 reminders that Michelle is celebrating a milestone birthday.  She has to watch with the other women as Brad tapes a scene with two women, who take turns kissing him in take after take.  Brad was great as Gustavo, with the fake hair on his chest and the crazy moustache!  Melissa gets tired of waiting for her time with Brad, interrupts the scene and plants her own kiss on Brad!  She managed to ruffle some feathers and piss off the ladies who still didn't have a chance to spend time with Brad.

We get back to Michelle, who is still whining about the fact that she doesn't feel very special on her birthday, because she had to share Brad with 14 other women.  Did I forget to mention that it's Michelle's 30th birthday?  In case you  didn't know...she's 30.  Write it down. You can't forget this special milestone!!

One of the PSAs is with Brad on a bed with Chantel O. and Britt, who is freaking out about having to make out on a bed with Brad and Chantel.  Britt decides to go to the extreme and have a full force make out session with Brad, to the shock of the ladies.  Personally, I think she was really ballsy in doing this.  Who knows when she will have a chance like this again among 14 other women.  Good for her for going for it!  Brad didn't seem to mind at all.  Michelle, on the other hand, got upset (huge surprise!), and walked off the set.  Brad went to talk to her about what happened and she apologized for what she did, saying she wants to get to know him and see if there is a potential connection between them.  Does anyone think that this connection is more Fatal Attraction than Some Kind of Wonderful?  Brad...run back into the dark woods and hide from this crazy girl!!

After the PSAs are taped, Brad takes the bachelorettes to an after party on the roof of the Roosevelt Room.  Brad spend some 1-1 time with Melissa, who explains why she interrupted his scene to kiss him.  Brad also gets 1-1 time with Michelle, who says she wants to connect with Brad, but she feels he has walls up.  She seems like a creepy stalker, and I wonder how long Brad it will take for Brad to look past her beauty and see this ridiculous behaviour for what it really is.  Brad ends up giving a rose to the birthday girl, who flaunts it and does some ridiculous dance with the rose before the other girls.  I think it's time for the high maintenance diva's birthday to come to an end!!

The final date is a 1-1 date with Jackie.  Brad has a 'Pretty Woman' themed day in store for Jackie, filled with pampering, a luxurious suite filled with gorgeous clothes, and people to get her ready for her date with Brad.  After she come out to meet Brad (who once again again looks amazing in a tuxedo!), he gives her a Neil Lane diamond necklace.  What viewers didn't know is he also gave her earrings she was allowed to keep after the date, which made the other girls insanely jealous.  If I were Jackie, I would sleep with one eye open, watch my earlobes and check the shampoo bottles to make sure other chemicals weren't added...LOL!  Brad takes Jackie to the Hollywood Bowl for dinner and a private concert with Train. 

While on the date, Brad learns that Jackie has only dated two men in her life.  He is concerned that she is not going to be willing to take a risk in getting to know him and voices his concerns to her,  He offers her a rose and says he is willing to hang in there if she is.  Of course, she accepts the rose.

The next day is the cocktail party before the rose ceremony.  Michelle steals Brad away as soon as it starts, and proceeds to ask him ridiculous questions to waste his time that could be spent talking to the other women in the house.  Do we really need to hear Michelle ask Brad what's in his fridge, or what type of coffee he prefers?  Shame Brad didn't ask for my opinion on Michelle.  I would send her to hang with Sarah Palin's family in Alaska, who love to gut and smoke their own fish.  Can you imagine Michelle having to do any of that!?  Didn't think so.  Just the image of it makes me giddy.

Emily's 1-1 time with Brad is a lot more interesting.  Brad is blown away by her beauty and can't put words together to speak to her.  They're both attracted to each other and she asks him to be patient with her, as she is slow to open up about her personal details.  She has yet to tell him about her daughter, and that will be a big step for her.  I am really looking forward to seeing how things play out for Brad and Emily.  She has very quickly become the favourite of the bachelorettes for people online!

While all of this is going on, Melissa and Raichel are busy fighting and getting in each other's faces.  Both girls get very emotional and are crying, which prompts Brad to come and comfort them.  Melissa tells Brad she is being targeted by the other women in the house, and that Raichel is attacking her and draining her energy.  Brad talks to Raichel afterwards, who is also upset about the tension with Melissa.  Someone please give these girls a box of Kleenex, and tell them to turn the waterworks off.  Honestly....this is ridiculous!

To help Brad make a decision about the women, Roberto and Ali come to the mansion to interview the girls and provide their opinions on them for Brad.  Melissa cries when she meets with Ali and Roberto, describing the drama in the house.  She tells them she's a target in the house.  When Ali and Roberto ask Chantel to provide her opinion of Raichel, she gives a thumbs-down.  She also thinks that Melissa creates her own drama within the house. 

After the interviews are done, Brad sits with Ali and Roberto to get their opinion of the ladies.  Once they are finished, Brad goes over to get the rose and asks Emily to join him outside.  He tells her he thinks she is there for the right reasons, and Ali and Roberto, who spoke very highly of her, do as well.  He offers her the rose, which she happily accepts.

Finally, the rose ceremony takes place.  Ashley H, Michelle, Jackie and Emily have already received a rose. The following girls also received a rose:

Chantel O., Sarah, Alli, Kimberly, Chantal N., Stacey, Ashley S., Madison, Lisa, Marissa, Megan, Lindsay, and Britt.

Brad sends Melissa, Raichel and Keltie home.  I'm sure there are many men out there who are devastated to see Raichel go.  Did you see her dress!?  Wow...she was barely keeping herself  in that dress!  Wow...someone needs to teach that girl that sometimes, less is more..when it comes to exposing herself!  She needs to keep her emotions...and her chest...in check!

Well, that's it from me.  I apologize for the delay in posting this entry. I won't let it happen again!  Take care, enjoy your week and if there is anything you would like me to add to my blog, or topics you would like me to write about, please let me know!  I love feedback and comments and all of the messages I have been receiving...from women and men!  It's been great to hear from both ends of the spectrum, and I encourage you to keep providing me with your feedback.  I will be adding a bonus entry in the next few days that will cover a few topics that I have questioned people about.  The feedback will be posted here, so stay tuned!

Until next time....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bachelor Season Premiere...Round Two - Brad's Back and Ready to Sink Some Teeth (or Fangs!) into the Competition!

Welcome back lovelies!! Happy New Year and welcome to a new season of The Bachelor, featuring a blast from the past as the star of the show! I can't tell you how excited I am to see Brad come back for a second chance at love. I know there are a lot of people out there who are upset with the choice ABC made for the season, but we can chat about that later. Judging from the previews and spoilers ABC has shown on TV, this will be a very interesting season! Grab your beverage of choice and let's get this party started!

Let's start by addressing the ridiculously oversized pink (and blinged out!) elephant in the room. Why Brad!? Why should someone who rejected two women get another chance to find love on television handed to him on a silver platter? The backlash has been beyond crazy on this issue. My answer to this is....why the hell not!? What was his crime? He decided at the end of the season that he wasn't in love with either woman. The crime he could have committed was is he had chosen someone, only to end the relationship shortly after the show ended. Brad followed his heart, and because it wasn't what the audience and ABC wanted, he was treated like a leper. Get over it, people. It's been 3 years! The man went into intensive therapy and seclusion to deal with commitment and personal issues, and came clean about all of this. I think the virtual stoning, dissing and hissing needs to end. Brad is a smart, attractive, intelligent man who has a lot to offer the right woman, He knows he needs to address what happened in the past, and I think he did that last night.

One of the things that everyone was talking about online last night is how Brad showed up at the bachelor mansion with a small overnight bag. It was hilarious and naive for everyone to think that Brad would show up with a teeny suitcase for a 6-8 week trip to Los Angeles! I'm sure he had a massive closet full of clothes that a stylist carefully selected for him. It's reality TV, people..not real life! The clothes for each date and episode are hand picked for Brad to look his best for the ladies!

This brings me to one of the most ridiculous points at the beginning of the show. Did ABC really need to bring back Jenni and DeAnna (who he didn't pick during the season finale of his first season on the show) for a meeting with Brad, right before he met 30 bachelorettes? Both of these women have moved on and are either married or engaged. DeAnna is not an expert on Brad, and she moved on to be the star of her own season of The Bachelorette. I saw zero value in that segment, except to roll my eyes and impatiently wait for the grilling to end, so Brad could go meet the hotties waiting in the limos for him!

Let's talk about those ladies! I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the selection of women chosen for Brad. In all honesty, I feel that many of them were chosen with Chris Lambton in mind, as he was also offered the chance to star in this season of The Bachelor. Regardless of who was selected, the women did not disappoint. The bachelorettes were attractive, smart, working women who seemed to be very interested, although a bit skeptical, of having Brad as this season's Bachelor. Let's break down some of the ladies who stood out last night!

Who will forget the slap heard around the world!? The first girl out of the limo, Chantal O., delivered what I can only describe as the fakest slap I have ever seen, no doubt encouraged by ABC for ratings. I love that Brad was a good sport about it, saying he deserved it and he liked her already! Props and brownie points for the hot bachelor! I see this feisty lady sticking around for a while.

Meaghan the Fashion Marketer was the girl with the crazy pink shoes that made me scream "what the hell are you rocking on your feet!?" (and secretly wanting to know where she got them! If you want fashion tips about the clothes from last night's show, and for the rest of the season, check out the Possessionista website. I have a link to her blog on this page! Best tips ever!!)

I would never hear the end of it if I didn't talk about Madison and her crazy teeth! "Fang girl", as the Internet has christened her, is a model from NYC who has fangs that we saw as soon as she strolled up to Brad. Brad doesn't say anything when he meets her, but you she will have to answer the question that's on everyone's mind: what the hell are up with those fangs!? This ain't True Blood or The Vampire Diaries, sista! Wrong television networks altogether!! ;) I'll chat more about Madison later!

Melissa - the crazy and cute blonde girl that runs to Brad and makes him catch her! It would have been funny if he dropped her, but of course, that won't happen on "reality" TV...bet the ratings would have been higher if he did!! ;)

Jackie - artist from NYC who makes Brad pinky swear that he won't break her heart. Of course he agrees, and asks her to swear the same thing to him. What else will he say on the first night!? Please...lol.

Sarah P.- real estate broker who asked Brad to get down on one knee and practice proposing to her. My spidey sense tells me that's as close as she'll get to a proposal from Brad...but that's just my opinion! ;)

Shawntel - funeral director who tells Brad he looks and smells good. He loves her yellow dress (and I did, too!). I think she'll be around for a while, too.

The most original meeting came from Britnee the paralegal. She stayed in the limo, opened it a little and waved at him to come over. Brad had to open the door and help her out. She said she did that because she likes a chivalrous man. I like a girl who has mad game. She's on my list of girls to stick around!

Lisa - marketing director from Kansas with the famous ruby red shoes that made me chant "there's no place like home!". Talk about a cliche!

Rebecca - esthetician who gets the ballsy award for giving Brad the first kiss on the lips when she met him! A girl who knows what she wants will go far in this kind of show.

Keltie - the Radio City Rockette who comes out of the limo with her high kicks and desire to teach Brad a few moves. I'll leave it at that...haha!!

Emily - my personal favourite of the group. Her story is the one everyone will remember all season. She got engaged at 19 to a famous NASCAR driver who died in a plane crash in 2004, and she found out days later that she was pregnant with his baby. She's a single mom, who's ready to get married and settle down. Gorgeous girl, easily able to make it to the end. If she doesn't end up with Brad, don't be surprised if they offer her own season of The Bachelorette down the road...she's perfect for the role!!!

Michelle - hairstylist who is excited to see Brad is the Bachelor. He think she's very attractive, and I see her sticking around for a while, as well.

Brad goes into the house and tells the girls his story about what happened in the past. He tells them that if they want to leave and not take a chance to get to know him, they can do so. Of course, no one leaves. Once that's over, the girls fight for Brad's attention. He faces a tough firing squad and grilling with tons of questions, but feels beat up and overwhelmed by all the questions, and is concerned he may not be able to find someone this time around, either.

Raichel uses her time with Brad to wax his wrist! It was hilarious when she did it, and also when she told him the hair wouldn't grow back quickly. That's OK, Brad...she also waxes booties and "under carriage"..feel free to book an appointment anytime! While you're at it, feel free to kiss your masculinity goodbye! ;)

One of the funniest parts of the show for me was the battle between several of the girls for alone time with Brad! With 30 women in the house, you need to be assertive, or prepare to go home rose less and losing your shot to make it to the next round. I don't remember all of the names of the girls, but the tug of war for Brad's time was borderline ridiculous!  Alli, the girl in the green dress, asks him "Can you handle this behind?"  No, Beyonce, he can't handle your jelly.  Wow.  is this a cocktail party, or a booty shakin' competition!?

Brad's 1-1 time with Madison has him addressing the issue of the fangs. He point blank asks her if they're real or a joke (she says they're real). He also asked her if she was there for him, or asked if this was a game to her. She tells him she's there for the right reasons. He says she's sexy, and that the fangs are hot. Hmm...guess we know what will happen on their first date! Watch your back...er...neck, Brad!!

I have to talk about crazy Keltie the Rockette and her time with Brad! She made up a crazy song that she sang to him, doing her dance and saying things like "You'll be Santa Claus and I'll be the Rockette", and "I'm bendy"! If she doesn't get him in the end, I'm sure there are plenty of men out there who want to see just how 'bendy' she really is!! ;)

Michelle spends her time with Brad talking about how courageous she thinks he is for coming back a second time. She also addressed the fact that she is a single to a 5 year-old daughter. Brad has already said he loves kids and reacts very positively to her news.

Brad spends time with Ashley S., the nanny who is pretty much the only one that didn't grill him about his past. She tells him that no matter what happens, she would be there to be his friend. He's attracted to her and thinks she's sweet, and offers her the first impression rose. 

Finally, the rose ceremony starts. Brad is only able to choose 20 out of the 30 women (he already gave a rose to Ashley S.). They are:

Ashley H
Lisa M
Sarah P
Chantal N
Chantal O

I know that was a long entry, but the first ones are always the ones that have the most details! I hope you enjoyed the season premiere, and judging from the sneak preview of the rest of the season, there are some hot dates coming up! I can't wait to see how this season unfolds, and which of the ladies will make through the season.  Let me know if there's anything you would like me to cover in this blog.  I love getting feedback and having people tell me how much they like the show and appreciate the posts on a weekly basis!  :)

Take care, be good and try to stay out of trouble! Until next time...XO