Monday, February 21, 2011

Private islands, Sports Illustrated beauties, and the date from hell: Welcome to Anguilla, baby!!

FINALLY!  This is the episode I have been waiting for all season.  I won't spoil it for you...but let's just say I took great pleasure in watching some this episode for many reasons.  After seeing the island of Anguilla, I am definitely adding it to my list of tropical places to visit.  I don't envy Brad...he has had some serious emotional basket cases to deal with this season, but at least he is getting down to the wire and weeding out the women he doesn't see a future with.  For the most part, is very smart about the decisions he has made.  Grab your martini glasses and let's get down to some happy hour dishing and hissing!!

With 6 women left in the house, this week's dates are especially important, as they will determine who will be selected for the hometown dates the following week.  Brad and the women travel to Anguilla, and the island is gorgeous and the perfect place for some serious romance!  This week, there will be 3 1-1 dates, with no roses handed out, and one group date, with one rose to be given out. 

Emily receives the first 1-1 date, and they head to a private island.  Brad wants to use this time to let Emily know how he is feeling.  He explains that he is still very nervous around her, and fumbles all of his words.  She explains that she is afraid of having her heart broken, and Brad responds by telling her how much he cares for her.  In fact, he tells her that he cares for her more than he should probably say.  I love that they were able to watch the sun set and watch the moon rise, as well.  Very romantic setting and who doesn't love a gorgeous sunset with a great looking man! 

They continue their date on the beach at night over dinner and talk about whether or not Brad will meet her daughter if she receives a hometown date.  Emily admits this is the best part of her date with Brad...having him open up to her about his feelings.  She tells him that she has never introduced her daughter to anyone she has dated, and Brad tells her he would love to meet her.  Emily is scared, but Brad goes as far as telling her that she will receive a rose at the next ceremony and that "we're going to your hometown." 

That blew my mind, as no bachelor has ever admitted to a bachelorette that she would receive a rose.  Emily...let the man meet your daughter!  Obviously, he cares enough to put himself out there for you...:)  The date ends with some sweet kisses, but it's more than just a kiss for Brad, who says he doesn't want to leave their date.  Maybe this is because she's the only woman on the show who hasn't freaked him out with psychotic behaviour, crying fits or late night trips to his room.  ;)

The second 1-1 date is with Shawntel, who gets to explore the island and hang out with the locals and Brad.   The date starts pretty slow and boring, with a bike ride into town, drinking out of coconuts and playing backgammon with the locals.  I know that Brad is using this date to see Shawntel's playful side, but compare it to Emily's date, and it puts me to sleep!  Over a picnic lunch, though, Shawntel tells Brad she's falling in love with him, which kicks the date up a notch. 

Over dinner at night, it's evident that the two of them have a connection.  Brad opens up to her about his father, which he never does with anyone.  The date turns romantic as they start kissing wile the rain falls on the water.  The date turns into a concert with a famous singer from the Caribbean and a huge crowd of people.  Interesting end to a date, and much better than backgammon any day!!  I hope Brad goes back to Chico with Shawtntel and sees where she works!! ;)

The final 1-1 date is with Britt, who has yet to ave a private date with Brad.  The ladies are jealous as Brad takes her away in a private yacht for a day of fun!  Now that's what I'm talking about!!  Treat a lady with the finer things, P-Diddy style! (lol)  Michelle feels that he is wasting the yacht on Britt, and doesn't see them friending each other on Facebook, much less dating.  Meow!  Want a saucer of milk to go with that catty attitude, Michelle?  All I have to say is that I will do some serious dancing when this crazy bird gets kick out of the nest!!  :(

Brad is excited to finally have some time with Britt, as he feels they are so far behind the other women regarding the connection he has made with the others.  He takes Britt diving off rocks and into the ocean, which terrifies her.  She finally faces her fears and jumps, which makes Brad very proud of her.

Unfortunately for Britt, Brad feels no romantic connection with Britt on the date and he has zero desire to kiss her like he does the other women when he is with them.  He sees no future with her, and no spark.  He thinks really highly of her and wanted to spend a day with her to see if they had any kind of connection to build upon.  At dinner, he tells her that there is no romantic spark or connection, and that he must say goodbye to her.  Britt is very gracious about it, and leaves in a small boat.

Britt goes back to the resort to pack and had to face the other women and explain what happened on the date.  I thought that was the worst part of the night...having to face the others after being rejected by Brad.  ABC, you'll do anything for ratings!  Tacky and such a low blow on your part...

The final date of the week is a 3-1 with Chantel, Ashley and Michelle.  He wakes them up very early and says they only have 10 minutes to get ready.  They find out they will be doing a swimsuit photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue!  Michelle is excited, but Chantel is very nervous, as she feels less glamorous and in shape than the other women. 

Ashley gets right into the photo shoot and also takes her bikini top and puts coconuts on her chest, which I gave her mad props for!  if you're going to be in the swimsuit issue, milk it for all it's worth!  That's a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone who is not a supermodel.  Chantel also rises to the occasion and whips off her top.  I think she didn't want to be outdone by  Michelle takes the ballsy move of the day by posing on top of Brad and making out with him for the camera.  Clearly, the other women are painfully uncomfortable, and Brad sees the date going south as a result.  He blames himself for that, as Michelle became overly aggressive and out of control by making the others so jealous.

At the pool party, Brad says the day has been absolute hell.  He takes Ashley away for some 1-1 time and she wants to be sure his personality meshes with hers.  She tells him that watching Michelle all over him made her feel like his kid sister. romance in that response!  Brad says his feelings for her have not changed, and feels awful for making her feel that way.

During the 1-1 time with Chantal, she tells Brad she felt shut out from the date, and wants to knowl how he feels about the possibility of meeting her family.  She also says she still loves him, but is feeling very disconnected after today's date.

Brad pulls Michelle away for 1-1 time, and says he's scared they are too much alike.  She is digging herself into a watery grave very's hoping the girl gets the boot soon!!!

In the end, Brad gives the rose to Ashley, who happily accepts.  He tells her he cares more for her than he can say and can't wait to meet her family!  Needless to say, the other women are very upset and it's a brutal end to a difficult day.  As Ashley and Michelle head back to their rooms, Brad talks to a crying Chantel, who tells him that if  he can't choose her from a group of three women, he should send her home.  Brad tells her not to count herself out of everything yet.  The drama is making me gag, and I personally wish she would stop acting like a child!!  :(

At the cocktail party, Chantel admits that it was hard to see Ashley receive the rose, and Shawntel says she is really nervous about what will happen tonight.  Brad and Chris deliberate, and Brad requests that they skip the cocktail party, as he already knows who he wants to send home and doesn't need extra time to change his mind.  The girls are shocked when Chris advises them of the party being skipped and going straight to the rose ceremony.

With Britt already sent home and Ashley being the only woman with a rose, the remaining roses go to:

Emily, Shawntel and Chantel.  Michelle is sent packing...whoohoo!!  I could NOT be happier.  Ding dong, the witch is going home.  Took way too long, but at least she is gone.  Michelle is very upset about being sent packing, but Brad thinks she is too volatile for him, and that their intense connection would eventually fade away.  She refuses to talk to him as he walks her to the limo.  In my opinion...good riddance!

That's all for this installment!  I am so excited for the hometown dates, as I am sure you are, as well.  no doubt we will have tons to dish about next time.  As always, thanks for all of your feedback and comments.  I am beyond happy that so many people read and follow my blog, and am very excited to say that I officially had over 1000 visits to the blog since it began.  Thanks so much for this.  It's due to your interest and support that I wrote this blog, and am loving that you take the time to read and comment to me about it!

Until next time...XO

PS...I have to give a huge shout out to two very lovely ladies, Shannon Hunter and Ally Lesniak.  They put on a fabulous event on February 10th in Toronto called Love a Heart, which was a bachelor/bachelorette auction.  Through this event, they raised $9,000.00 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation!!  Congratulations Shannon and Ally.  You are amazing, I'm very proud of you, and happy to have met you and call you my friends.  Stay tuned for a special blog post about this event later this week!!  XO


  1. Hey! Cute Bachelor blog. I didn't keep up this past season but I'll keep an eye out for when you start posting again.

  2. Thanks Nicole! I'm going to start blogging again for the next season of The Bachelorette which starts on May 23! The pre-blog entry will come in the near future!! Stay tuned! ;)