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Shopping Sprees, Racecar Beauties and Cirque de Heartbreak...It's All About Vegas, Baby!!

Hello party people!  What an episode.  My head was spinning with all of the crazy turn of events that took place in Sin City! I went from being insanely jealous of Shawntel's Pretty Woman shopping experience at the mall, to feeling uncomfortable watching Emily struggle with the date at Las Vegas Speedway, and disappointed for Ashley S. and her sad exit from the quest for Brad's heart.  Personally, I think the wrong Ashley was sent home, but I'm not the one who is searching for a potential wife or partner on a reality show.  In any event, there's lots to dish about.  It's happy hour...grab your drinks and let the hissing begin!!

At the mansion, the girls are told by Chris Harrison that they are leaving the house and leaving on a journey to find love elsewhere.  They have an hour to pack and get ready to leave for Las Vegas!  Nice place to start a world tour for love, in my opinion .  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of heading to Sin City, Las Vegas is a party paradise.  Tons of beautiful hotels, casinos, nightlife, shopping and attractions.  The girls met up with Brad at the new Aria resort at City Center and were told that everyone would have a date this week.  There would be a 1-1 date, a group date, and the dreaded 2-1 date.  The first date was a 1-1 date, which went to Shawntel.

I don't know of ANY woman in the free world who wouldn't be jealous of Shawntel's 1-1 date with Brad.  Crystals at the City Center is filled with some of the most luxurious brands of retailers, and Shawntel was able to pick anything she wanted on her private shopping spree!  I don't know about you, but I drooled over her black Fendi dress and killer black stilettos.  Having a sexy man to model everything for is definitely icing on a very decadent cake!

I thought it was classy of Brad to do such a nice thing for Shawntel.  She is a girl from a small town and very sweet and unassuming.  The fact that she was overwhelmed and grateful for everything he gave her shows the type of person she is, and that's she isn't completely wrapped up in materialistic things.  She is a lucky girl, and she knows it.  Nice to see.

I felt bad for Shawntel when she had to go back to the luxury suite and tell the girls about her extravagant shopping date.  Michelle had yet another Exorcist moment when her head spun around with jealousy over another woman being pampered and capturing Brad's attention.  I am sure that I would have been a little green with envy if I had to watch another women pull out a $5,000 purse that her date picked up for her.  The deal sealer was when Shawntel came down the staircase in that ridiculously hot black Fendi dress and killer stilettos.  Dressed to kill, and a hot guy on her arm for the night.  Not too shabby for a funeral director!  ;)

Which brings me to the next topic for discussion between Brad and Shawntel.  Over dinner on the roof at Aria, Brad asked Shawntel about her job, and she went into great detail about her career as a funeral director and embalmer.  Brad was ridiculously uncomfortable, not being able to eat dinner as she described a 'vein drain' to him (draw a picture, figure out what she meant!!).  Between that and describing her cross-eyed cat, Peaches, I wondered if this conversation was going to take a romantic turn to get back on track!!

Fortunately, Brad thinks he is very lucky to be around Shawntel and spend time with her, and offers her a rose to stay, which she accepts.  He thinks they have a basis for a very real and true relationship to develop.  They end the date with a private fireworks show on the roof, which the other bachelorettes see, as well, and know that it's for Brad and Shawntel.

The next date is a group date.  The girls are taken by limo to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to race cars around the track.  Brad shows up in full racing gear, and the girls are excited to hit the track.  Naturally, everyone is worried about Emily, and Brad has yet to find out her history with NASCAR.  The ladies get dressed in racing gear and take turns racing around the track, and Brad notices how quiet Emily is.  I bet he'll feel like an idiot once he finds out why she has been so quiet!  I still can't believe the show made her go through with this date, but as well all know, all is fair in love, drama and high ratings! 

Brad finds out from Emily that her late fiance was a NASCAR driver, and that he crashed at that same track, ending his racing career.  Naturally, Brad feels horrible and tells her that if she's not comfortable being there, they will all leave immediately.  He admires her tenacity and cares a great deal for her.  Not only does she want to stay, she gets in the car and drives several laps around the track.  The first laps are for Ricky, and the last one is for her.  She does this as a sign that she is ready to move on and fall in love again.  In case you all forgot...I adore this girl.  She is pure class and I have tons of respect for her.  She's not going anywhere this week after this!!  :)

Later in the evening, Brad and the ladies have an after party and are hanging out in the pool.  Alli's crying for attention from Brad, and Brad's still worrying about Emily.  Emily is proud of herself for going through with the laps around the track, but Brad is concerned about the space needed to fill Emily's heart after Ricky passed away.  Because of this, she's worried he's pulling away from her.

In the middle of all of this, I love when Chantal lets the word 'love' slip out while she's talking to Brad.  Sweetheart...it's WAY too early to play the 'L' card!  The man is still dating a harem of women!  He won't reciprocate for a while...keep the cards close to you for now!

It wouldn't be a group date without Michelle stealing Brad for some private time.  She tells Brad that the other girls are immature and that she has a crush on him.  He tells her he feels the same way, and thinks they have a true connection.  Enter a little gag time here...lol!  I wish he was seeing what we get stuck watching every week.  He would have shipped her home weeks ago!

In the end, the rose goes to Emily.  He tells her he doesn't care about her past - he is basing his decision on what's happening now, and that he's falling for her, which makes her happy.  I know this is sappy...but I don't care!  I love that she got the rose and he took the time to make sure she was comfortable on the date.  It's more than ABC did after making her go to the racetrack!

The last date is the 2-1 date with the two Ashleys. This is going to be a tough date, as the two Ashleys have become best friends in the house.  However, with a man involved in the picture, all's fair in love and dating!!  While Brad is excited for the date, he also has serious doubts about both of them, as well.  Brad takes the Ashleys to a Cirque du Soleil show, to test the chemistry between himself and the girls, and to figure out who will star in the show with him later in the evening.

The girls rehearse with Brad for the show, and Ashley S. feels very vulnerable and holds back.  As a result, Brad decides at dinner to send Ashley S. home and give Ashley H. a rose.  He tells her that he doesn't see a future with her and he had to follow his heart.  He sends Ashley S. home, and says that Ashley H. helped him solidify why he's on this journey again for love.  They perform together in the evening show for Cirque du Soleil.  Cue the mushy and sappy end to the night...:)

I felt so bad for Ashley S. when she was crying as the limo took her back to the airport, but I understand Brad's point of view.  He's there to find love and possibly a future wife, and needs to weed out the women who he doesn't see a future with.  He says he has an intense connection with Ashley H., and she obviously cares for him too.  I personally would have sent the little freak on a leash crybaby home, but it's not my show or my season to find love!  We'll see what happens down the road.

At the cocktail party the next night, Brad has to deal with a room full of emotional women.  They're all dealing with the extra attention he gave to Emily on her date, and are concerned.  Brad talks to Chantal about how she cried on their last date, and he's concerned about having drama in his life if he was to be with her.  He explains why he comforted Emily at the racetrack, and what she told him about her history with NASCAR.  He also tells her how he likes being around her, but she needs to stop giving him crap so often.  Chantal tells him that every woman on the date with Emily felt exactly the same way she does now.

I really like Chantal, but she is extremely emotional and cries on a dime.  For a very attractive, confident woman, she can be really overdramatic.  I would see that as a red flag if I were Brad.  Drama mamas are never a good thing!!

Did anyone else think it was cute that Marissa wrote Brad a note and gave it to him to read during their 1-1 time?  I thought it was sweet...and she was vulnerable giving it to him, which shows she likes him.  Cute...but a bit like high school, where you send notes asking if a person likes you...

The Fatal Attraction moment of the week goes to...wait for it...no really, wait for it!!...Michelle...again.  Did anyone else think she was a raving lunatic when she told Brad not to talk, then straddles him and says he needs someone who appreciates everything about him.  She then proceeds to say how much she dislikes the other girls, kisses him, then tells him to go out and go send some girls home.  THEN, on top of that, she says "Next time we're together, you can talk."  Ummm...can you say delusional!?  WOW!  Get a muzzle, and a padded wagon...the girl needs to be committed!  If someone ever spoke to me that way, there would be a raging smackdown!  I guess that ABC didn't approve of the smackdown...maybe it ended up on the cutting room floor.  Brad...get a clue...and send the single white space cadet home...please.  Then you can talk again...;)

Finally, we get to the rose ceremony.  I feel like this episode was a week long!  Shawntel, Emily and Ashley H. already have roses.  The remaining roses go to:

Michelle, Alli, Britt, Jackie, and Chantal O.

Marissa, Lisa and Ashley S (who was sent home on the 2-1 date) do not receive roses.  What you don't see  on the show is when Marissa left, Brad slipped her a note as well, thanking her, and how he believed that she would find someone special.  I read about this on Chris Harrison's blog, and thought that was very sweet!  Another thing I read about is on this episode, 5 of the women went off to get tattoos!!  Ashley H, Ashley S, Marissa, Lisa, and Alli decided to go out and get tattoos. The two Ashleys got matching roses right above their ankles. Ashley S got hers in blue to honor her father (Kentucky bluegrass). Lisa got a rose tattoo below her ankle. Marissa got a white rose on her wrist. Alli chickened out — or wised up, depending on how you look at it — and didn’t get one. Yes, this sounds like Kasey and when he snuck off to get a tattoo on Ali's season of The Bachelorette, but clearly, this is about bonding and girl power.  To each their own!

That's it for this week's most dramatic episode ever!.  Thanks for your feedback, emails, comments and giggles.  I love to hear from you., so please feel free to drop me a line anytime!  I apologize for posting this so late, but sometimes life has a way of sneaking up on me and making me insanely busy!  I will try not to be this late again...ever!!

Until next time...XO

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