Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The 'Juan' That Got Away - Andi's Bachelorette Journey Begins!

Hello lovelies! Wasn't that a great season premiere of the Bachelorette? There's nothing like a sassy, sexy and confident woman taking charge over 25 men, as she begins her quest to find love, romance and adventure through several countries. I hope ABC has stocked up on bubbly, Kleenex and waterproof mascara...looks like they'll need it for this season! Grab your drink of choice, and let the dishing begin!

I've said this before, and I will say it again. Andi is such a great choice for the Bachelorette! She is a successful woman with an amazing relationship with her family. She also gets brownie points for putting Juan Pablo in his place! I will never forget that moment, and I don't think the men on this season of the show will, either. It sets the tone for what I think will be an unforgettable journey for Andi.

I loved how Chris Harrison paid tribute to the sudden death of Eric Hill, one of the eliminated bachelors. Like everyone else, I was shocked at the news reports on how he passed away. Eric sounds like he was an incredible person who was as ambitious as he was adventurous. I am looking forward to seeing how his story played out on the show. It was obvious that Andi was intrigued by him. It's a tough situation to deal with, and one the Bachelor franchise has never dealt with before. At the very least, I applaud the show's acknowledgement of his untimely passing, and dedicating the season to his memory.

Let's skip right to the good stuff...the first night at the mansion! I liked the chat Andi had with her sister while she was getting ready for the men to arrive to meet her, but that was basically filler for the main event! Andi looked fabulous, and very anxious for her journey to begin. I was thinking 'Lucky girl...she has 25 men hand-picked for her to choose from, in a gorgeous setting!' As the limos pulled up to the mansion, I was taking notes on my early favorites:

  • Marcus - My first thought was that he was a serious cutie patootie!
  • Chris - Another looker. He'll be around for a while!
  • Marquel - Adorable, and super dapper!
  • Tasos - Loved when they made that wish outside the mansion!
  • Dylan - He was so nervous while he was checking her out! Very handsome.
  • Eric - I loved when he gave her the dolls! Very worldly and ambitious. However, let's be honest...only home three days a month?? He won't last long with that track record! :(
  • Josh M. - Tall, dark and handsome. Who doesn't like that??? :)
I loved how Andi was finally able to relax once she saw how nervous the men were about meeting her. It made the cocktail party more realistic. How would you react after meeting 25 strange men who were there to fight for your affection and a rose to stay in the game!? It's the same for a lot of men out there. Trying to speak to a beautiful, sexy, confident and intelligent woman surrounded by a large group of men could be equally intimidating.

It's always entertaining to watch the bachelors interact with the Bachelorette on the first night. Making that first impression is crucial when all you know about a person is their name and what they look like. I wasn't surprised to see Josh M. jump in to grab some personal time with Andi. He is obviously blown away by her, and she said he was her type, but I appreciated how she questioned how genuine he is being toward her. Obviously, she has first experience on dealing with that on the show! One of my favorite things Andi said during the premiere was that she was there and single for a reason. I don't think Josh is going anywhere for a while, but I look forward to seeing them interact on future episodes!

How cute was the cookie scene between Andi and Marquel?? Regardless of how far he gets on this season, I will always remember him fondly as the Cookie Dude. I would happily eat those Black & White cookies anytime, and am available for tastings in the future. Whoever said the key to a person's heart is through their stomach had a very good point. :)

I need to address the asshat moment on the show...yes, I mean the scenes with Chris Bukowski. Seriously, how many times does this guy need to be on a reality show?? Nothing made me happier than seeing Chris Harrison give him and his gas station roses the boot! The only thing that would have topped that would be seeing Andi kick him out...but she was busy dealing with the cuties inside the mansion. No doubt we'll see Chris on the Bachelor In Paradise show that will air later this summer. If you haven't heard about it, it will be a show similar to Temptation Island, and will bring back some Bachelor/Bachelorette favorites for another season of drama! I promise to cover it on a separate blog!

I would love to hear your thoughts on Andi's choice for the first impression rose! Nick was the lucky, or unlucky recipient of it, depending on how you look at it. Typically, getting that rose puts a huge target on the person that receives it, but I appreciated her reasons for giving it to Nick. Again, time will tell on how long he lasts this season. It definitely makes for great drama for everyone else that doesn't receive the rose!

I am looking forward to seeing more of Chis and Marcus in future episodes! I don't know many farmers who look THAT good in a suit, but I would happily line up to have him show me how to milk a cow...and I'm a die-hard city girl! As for Marcus, I'm sure he could learn how to ask for more than just ice and a drink in German and Polish for Andi's sake. He is definitely eye candy that will stick around for a while.

In case you missed the Rose Ceremony, here's how it went down:

Roses: Nick (first impression), JJ, Eric, Marquel, Craig, Tasos, Josh M., Brian, Bradley, Marcus, Andrew, Ron, Carl, Chris, Dylan, Brett, Patrick, Cody, Nick S.

No roses: Emil (sounds like anal...best line ever!), Rudie, Mike (the Thor lookalike), and Josh B, who gets the award for worst exit speech.

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed the season premiere as much as I did. I look forward to dishing about the rest of the season every week! Take care, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Until next time...xo


  1. Chris the farmer is mine Sandy...insta-swoon haha

    OK, the most "memorable" moment for me was Josh B's exit speech. SO AWKWARD. He's going on about being embarrassed or whatever and all I could think was "You are crying on national TV, you need to stop. Please...stop. For the love of god...stop!"

    I would have given the first impression rose to Marquel for the cookies alone. Love the black & white ("look to the cookie...")...it was an adorable one-on-one moment.

    I'm really looking forward to following along with your blog - welcome back!!

    1. Hi Marie! Thanks so much for your comment! I totally agree with you about everything said. So excited to see what happens in upcoming episodes. Looking forward to hearing what you think as everything plays out on TV! Happy viewing. :)